CVG's Super Smash Bros. Brawl preview

Announcements in gaming don't come much bigger than Sonic in a Super Smash Bros game. He is, or was, the anti-Nintendo, after all. Yet here he is, coming on all strong with his teetering-on-the-edge animations and his screeching-to-a-halt SFX, ready to 'run rings' (ahem) around Mario, Link and friends. This was the main story to come out of Nintendo's big pre-Christmas conference and, despite the fact there's room for more secret challengers (Captain Olimar's heavily rumoured at the moment), it was the one that got everyone talking.

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Devr3959d ago

Man, I can't wait. I might just buy a Classic controller for just this.

dragonire3955d ago

Yeah same here but There is one character they should add as playable... Agahnim, the wizard/priest in LOZ:LTP. I feel he would fit in wonderfully.