Microtransactions: An Improvement or Detriment to the Player’s Experience?

RipTen: I’ve never purchased a cosmetic item, though my guildmates certainly have. As far as I’m concerned, if you want to spend money on something that brings you some pleasure, I don’t see why it should be anybody else’s concern. In an MMO environment, as long as microtransactions don’t confer a noticeable advantage to those who choose to purchase them, they’re not harming the game or any player’s experience. Granted, being surrounded by 100 people all riding the latest purchasable mount might make you roll your eyes a little, but hey – in comparison, you’re suddenly a special little snowflake!

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jaredhart2459d ago

I've never purchased any cosmetic things. I've never understood people who purchase avatar items on Xbox Live or PS Home accessories.

Do they really matter?

Kurt Russell2459d ago

Not to you, but they must do to some.

BlackjackCF2459d ago

I can see why people would buy... but I don't do it personally.

xtheownerzx2459d ago

I really think Microtransactions may hinder our experience in some games and improve others. Its up to the user really.


love the image for this article

Vagrant2459d ago

Microtransactions - they're only going to become more common.

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