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Portion of Rewind Replay's Article "Rockstar never identified what state Red Dead Redemption is based off of, but later in the game John Marston travels to Mexico via the fictional San Luis river in the border between the United States and Mexico. After quickly researching Google maps, the only river dividing the United States and Mexico is Rio Grande which starts in Colorado, cuts through New Mexico, then Texas, and ends in the Gulf of Mexico. Assuming that the river is not fictional we can assume that Red Dead Redemption is set in Texas. Furthermore, Red Dead Redemption is set in 1911, one year before Arizona entered the Union. Therefore the only other possible state the game could have been set in is New Mexico."

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when did gaming become history lessons?

iamnsuperman2490d ago

Ever played Assassin's Creed. That is one interesting history lesson but with a fictional details breeded into this history.

OT: Good read. Despite the hints at Los Angeles I think a sin city location might be the location. Fits very well for a GTA game

Thecraft19892490d ago

I'm as excited as everyone but come on we've had dozens of articles with the same god dam question.

stevenhiggster2490d ago

I don't give a flying turd where it is, as long as its awesome.
And they better remove that crap wi your friends phoning all the time, that got really old really fast. And bring back pointless side missions! I loved the old pizza delivery jobs and other such nonsense :)