Diablo 3 DLC Possibility After Blizzard Blocked Mods

Update: After receiving confirmation about Blizzard's "unintentional" block for Diablo 3 mods due to security issues, this leads to a new possibility of downloadable packs being prepared by the company.

Are you in favor with this new system? Show us in your comments below.

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RememberThe3572404d ago

I'm not even a modder and that sounds like complete bullshit. This is why everyone was opposed to Activision getting their hands in Blizzard. They're money hungry. Period.

NuclearDuke2403d ago

With or without Activsion, this was gonna happen eventually. You are too blind, perhaps due to a greasy layer of fat blocking your eyes, to see that every major publisher pushes for DLC in every game they publish.

Stop acting like it's till 1980. The industry changes, like every other industry.

RememberThe3572403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Excuse me, don't act like you know me. And you sound like a little prick, don't respond to my comments like that again.

Anyway, your right, but my issue is not so much with the DLC. My issue is with the way in which it seems to be more money motivated than player motivated. Maybe they do have a good reason for not including it, but at this point it just seems like a way to get people to pay for DLC. Instead of doing cool things with DLC they would charge people for what they used to give for free. That seems wrong to me, and I shouldn't be expected to be OK with it just because your fine being f*cked over by a billion dollar corp. Your fine paying for bottled water, and I think it's bullshit. Blizzard used to make games for gamers, now they makes games for money (not that they didn't want money back then, but the focus was the player and as long as they were making money they were pumping out free content to keep their games relevant and fresh). The focus seems to have changed to squeezing pennies and it's not what made Blizzard great.

Again, you can be OK with it, but I've never been OK with being f*cked over. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

NuclearDuke2403d ago

Neither of us will have more bubbles after this one, so I won't start a discussion with you.

Just to come clean: I have never purchased DLC. I do however, think it is perfectly fine to use this, although not when the content is taken out of the main product to introduce later, as with Magicka, Warhammer or Sanctum to take a few examples.

DLC is a rather "new" way of providing users with content and I believe it is priced wrong, especially with Call of Duty.

Caring for the player never made Blizzard great. Their well produced games made them great and it still does. World of Warcraft is still the best MMORPG and the most subscribed. Starcraft II is the best and most played RTS and Diablo III seems to become a phenomenon. However, Blizzard runs a business and their main goal has always been and will always be making money. That is their #1 priority and it has been since making Warcraft I: Orcs and Humans. Wether you like it or not, you may disagree all you want, this is the intention of every developer making video games (no matter how passionate they are or seem to be.)

I don't feel "fucked over" by DLC, I simply do not purchase them as I don't feel they are relevant to my needs.

HardCover2403d ago

It has more to do with preventing D2's RAMPANT hacking,duping, and botting than it is to get money.

I'm sure offline mods will be available at some point, no doubt.

JsonHenry2404d ago

Not only that, but we will get it 10 years after the fact.

Somebody2404d ago

The question is asking for the obvious. Of course they will. What else do you think they'll do? What's the use of an MMO style item auction system if there aren't any new contents available? They can't depend solely on game-generated items to keep the players happy and they've banned mods.

No Mods + Blizzard owned Item Auction System = DLCs