UT3: Mark Rein Interview By Kikizo-- Unreal Engine for Wii?

Unreal Engine for Wii?

'We quiz Epic Games bigwig Mark Rein on the all new Unreal Tournament 3, talk about the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, and discover that Unreal Engine 3 is actually in development for Wii.'

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Mercutio3832d ago

he talks about every system and how they intend to work on it, UT3 will take over!

mighty_douche3832d ago

>>will<< ??? think they pretty much already have.

Vojkan3832d ago

you mean "Unreal Engine" will take over, not "UT3" Unless you mean Unreal Tournament 3?!

Gordii3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I am sorry as a previous Wii owner... The controller system sucks. I believe nintedo should make a controller for games that you have both options if they did that i think the Wii would be unstoppable for childeren and maybe some of us Adults.

EDIT : Well that i agree with you mostly parents now adays do not watch what their children do not play sadly. I mean The comment is mainly for me. There are some wii games the controller is great for but other games which i believe is holding the wii back because of the controller. Bascially how are you gonna play a fighting game?

ravinash3832d ago

I'd love it for my self, but I'd wait till when my kids get past Wii age before I'd let them have it.

ChickeyCantor3831d ago

thats why there are 4 gamecube ports and classic controllers, do your research.

powerslide3832d ago

unreal on wii...i agree with mark rein i wouldn't be a smart thing to do.

predator3832d ago

why doesnt the interviewer ever ask that 1 question 4mill people want to here, when the hell is gears 2 out.

powerslide3832d ago

They haven't even started making ut3 on xbox360 and i have a feeling the next game is going to be multiplatform pc-ps3-360 and as epic as least i hope so

predator3832d ago

nah dude its not multi, ms has tied up 1 and 2, dont know about 3 but gears 2 isnt multi, i just want to know some info about it, deciding which version of ut3 to get, ps3, pc or 360, im edging more towards 360 but thats a while off yet, oh well il get uncharted to keep me busy

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The story is too old to be commented.