GTA V - Power To The People, Please talks about the issues in GTA IV and how GTA V can learn from THQ's Saints Row series, suggesting that no other GTA games has been met with as much gamer contempt as GTA IV.

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i like this. and i feel the exact same way

Hydrolex2483d ago

Saints Row for sure looks more fun but it will never meet GTA's quality

LOGICWINS2483d ago

Depends on your definition of quality. Some would say that Saints Row 2 had more quality in terms of fun and freedom than GTA4.

NYC_Gamer2483d ago

i can't stand SR it's just too silly no type of real story,bad character models,terrible voice acting....

Outside_ofthe_Box2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Exactly, Saints Row is silly and I pray to god that Rockstar don't go the silly route and instead stick to the GTA formula which is being realistic, but not to the point where it ruins the fun.

kma2k2483d ago

i just started playing saints row 1 last week, just bought a 360 not to long ago & want to play both sr1 & sr2 before picking up 3. To be honest i like gta & sr so ill play both of them!

blackhammer2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Couldn't agree more with the guy. Lot of compromises in GTA IV when comparing it to San Andreas and Vice City.

Bring the fun back. Beat the Cock.

KwietStorm2483d ago

I never bought into this. GTA IV's contempt was really no different than any other game. You give people what they didn't expect, and that automatically makes it crap, regardless of how good the game is on it's own laurels. Saints Row took what GTA had done and multiplied it by 100. I don't think Rockstar had anything to learn from THQ. They are creative enough on their own. GTA IV was very similar to GTA III if anything. A lot of people just wanted and were expecting San Andreas 2, so when we got a more grounded GTA, they were disappointed. CJ flying a jet was completely out the blue, but I'm fine with Rockstar going back to that style, as long as they don't go the Saints Row route. That series is way too silly for me, and it kinda takes away from the more maturely handled story, characters, and themes that GTA builds around.