The Worst Video Games EVER

With thousands of great games made each year comes thousands of shovelware that – for some reason – get produced and sold to many unsuspecting gamers.

Check out the list of the worst video games ever made.

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Pozzle2308d ago

There's no Big Rigs either. That game wasn't even finished when it was released. lol

acemonkey2308d ago

be nice to see some youtube videos up there too or something to see the gameplay....but mercs 2 should be on that list lol.....maybe even that racing game when u was in trucks and u could drive tho everything

Pozzle2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Yep, that was Big Rigs. If I recall correctly, one of the tracks completely froze the game and none of the other racers actually moved. They all just sat at the starting line so it was impossible to lose. lol

DarkBlood2307d ago

would big rigs happen to be that trucking arcade game where you got to make the delivery without crashing or hitting the cars? lol

CynicalVision2307d ago

I loved Mercs 2, it was glitchy as hell but it's hardly one of the worst games ever.

HeavenlySnipes2307d ago

one of the top two worst games this gen though. I spent $20 on it and I felt so ripped off

jtmgames2308d ago

Thanks for the comments guys! I'm planning to write a follow-up article for this one. Big Rigs and ET are going to be in it for sure.

Iroquois_Pliskin2307d ago

You should add some movie tie-in games

Brownghost2307d ago

Everyone match the angry gamer review súperman. I hatee that Gámez and more angra that i remembre my dad buying me the game

meganick2307d ago

I remember playing a demo of Superman 64 at my local EB back in the day. The controls were almost completely broken. I could barely get Superman to do anything.

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