Review: Kinect Sports Season Two [Gamertag Radio]

Gamertag Radio writes: "Overall, Kinect Sports is a decent game. The new features added this year are much better than last year’s. Unfortunately, some of the sporting events, like football, are just too easy or not fun. I did enjoy darts and golf, though. It just seems like a casual, “fun for the whole family” game, and it’s probably something fun to pick up for a few minutes to horse around with some friends. It’s by no means a “must-have.” However, if you’re a big fan of the last game, this may be right up your alley."

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EVILDEAD3602313d ago

LOL @ this guy spending a week with the game and writing that weak review. I like Gamertag radio but I DEFINATELY won't be looking at these guys for reviews.

He actually has no idea what Rare and Big Park pulled off in the motion sports realm.

Ther golf alone has never been done with full body tracking. Rare made it look effortlessly. But one of the most ingenious aspect of the golf game was overlooked by the reviewer. He points out that 'while playing golf, you could say “practice” and then say “take shot” to return to the game' That's cool and all menu wise but the fact that you can change clubs through voice literally pushed the entire genre forward.

The only thing he noticed about football is that you can say 'hike' etc and it's not fun?

Plus the glaring part is he spent a week playing and didn't mention the skiing at all. How is that possible?

Thank god I saw the other reviews and played the demo.

Won't knock the guy for his opinion, but it's like these sites have the weakest reviews when it comes to Kinect.


Wh15ky2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

"Ther golf alone has never been done with full body tracking."

That sounds impressive, I wondered how golf on Kinect could possibly equal or better the Wii or Move.

How does the full body tracking work on golf?
Can you use a real club if you have the room? and does it make a difference?
Does it track head, shoulders, arms, hips, legs and feet movement?
If so, how accurate is it?
Is it possible to top the ball if you lift your head too early?
Do you take too much divot if you tilt into the shot?
Does the ball slice if you open your grip too much?
Does it hook if you try to fix your slice and over compensate?
Is the quality of your shot determined by how good a golfer you are in real life? (on higher difficulty settings, obviously).
and finally, how good is the putting? That's something that the Wii and Move have not managed to nail because the swing required to putt is too big and unnatural.


EVILDEAD3602312d ago

It would be hilarious if you were being sarcastic..really side splitting lol stuff.

Own two Tiger Woods for Wii and thought Move would have demolished it during last years game. Nope, the Wii still was the champ. Move was actually a tacked on experience last go round.

I was on a business trip a few months ago and couldnt resist myself and bought this years Tiger for Move. I havent even played an entire round with (mainly because the friends I play it with only want to play with controller) But from what I tried it seema EA definately improved on the Move experience.

The problem with motion controls is the guessing game you seem to have to play when putting. When the putting experience seems inconsistent, then you don't take your scores seriously.

I only played the K. Sports 2 demo and it's definately easy for ANYONE to play it. With the avatars it gives you the whole 'Hot Shots' feeling. You simply line up in a left or right stance and the camera picks you up. You simply swing naturally and the distance of the ball is determined by how the camera interprets the power of your swing. What is cool is there is no controller needed at all for the experience and you can do everything like 'change your club' with your voice.

Putting is just as simple mimicking and putting like you normallly would. I two putted but it was definately was about just pick up and play fun.

As with all of the games, Kinect Sports is more arcadey than a full blown sim.

Bowling was the star of the last game, and Golf may be the starof this one. Either way, Rare has gone on record in saying that the accuracy of Kinect has improved so much that there was no way they could have pulled off the sports, even to the accuracy of Darts, when the shipped their last title.


Wh15ky2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

A simple 'no' would have sufficed.

EVILDEAD3602312d ago

Ahhh because you were simply trolling..get it now.

I mean I should have realized that 'How does the full body tracking work on golf?' required a 'yes' or 'no' answer.

Wh15ky2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

"Does it track head, shoulders, arms, hips, legs and feet movement?"
Yes or No

"You simply swing naturally and the distance of the ball is determined by how the camera interprets the power of your swing."

But does it track shoulders, hips, legs and feet or is it just arms? How is the power determined? By how far you swing back or the speed you swing your arms? Is direction determined by how well you swing or do you line up your shot before you swing?

EVILDEAD3602312d ago

If your that interested, sipmy look it up I just gave my impressions as I stated originally

'I only played the K. Sports 2 demo'

godfree2313d ago

Weak reviews about Kinect? I think you got that wrong:

Dance Central 2 4.5/5 -

The Gunstringer 4.5/5

Fruit Ninja Kinect 5/5

Child Of Eden 5/5

Yea, we hate Kinect. *rolls eyes*

EVILDEAD3602313d ago

'Weak reviews about Kinect? I think you got that wrong'

Nah, you misinterpreted the context of what I meant by 'weak'. Again, I won't knock his opinion of the game (meaning score).

The reviewer says they had a week with the game, but it 'reads' like he barely played it for one hour.

The reviewer plays Football and says it's too easy. But doesn't mention if there is an option to change the difficulty of the sport. Doesn't the difficulty ramp up as you gain more level and fans? Wouldn't that make this point mute?

But, other than Football the reviewer spend more effort talking about the accuracy of the tacked on 'calorie counter' than the 'accuracy' of the motion control gameplay of each of the games. Rare was vocal about how they made great programming strides with Kinect in being able to track the body to the point that made 'darts' and the rest of the sports even possible this go round.

But, again it's cool to knock the Football, but that is one-fifth of the game. The reviewer had the game for a week and didn't even mention the Skiing or the Tennis. Again, IMO opinion it seems like glaring ommisions and doesnt fully represent what Rare and Big Park pulled off.

Just my humble opinion of the review and nothing more. When I say 'weak' it just seems like a large majority of the sites in general 'phone in' Kinect reviews. (Some don't even own the device at all. Other barely play the games which lead leads to lazy reviews. Because of the slim picken', I'm simply looking for a go-to site for Kinect reviews.

I'm not going to accuse Gamertag of any of this as I'm only judging based on THIS review (which I'll concede is probably a mistake to judge from ONE review). I own ALL five of the games on the link that you sent, but I'm cool with giving some hits and checking them out. I picked up DC2 yesterday, but I've been anticipating KSs and Motion Sports: Adrenaline and have been checking the reviews to get as mich info on the titles as possible. But, I loved the demo and will definately be buying it this week.

Again I actually like the site. I definately dig the podcasts and love some of the sites coverage of gaming events.