Skylanders is Expensive to complete 100%

Neocrisis: If you do not already, if you want to complete Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure completely you need to financially prepare yourself for the cost. It will cost you around $300.

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rezzah2400d ago

They're trying to make people fall in love with the game to ignore the price they pay...

Or just pull in the kids with multiple toys like a pedophile in order to sell more.

Because it works when a child starts holding on to a copy of whatever they want and, while almost in tears, begs their mom or dad for the game.

If it's to see them smile or make them shut up it works.

DeleteThisxx2400d ago

Wow, this is a pathetic excuse for an article, let alone "news"

rezzah2400d ago

It's informative, which is what news is about.

Would anyone want to get into this style of game if they knew that the total cost is $300?

Of course that's only if they wish to complete it 100%

aPerson2400d ago

You only need one character of each "element" (there are 8 elements in total) to unlock all areas and content in the game. The starter pack comes with three characters. So that's only 5 additional characters needed, which is still expensive but not even close to $300.

rezzah2399d ago

Thx for clarifying that, what would the estimation of that total cost be?

aPerson2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

$40, which is still a lot of money.

rezzah2399d ago

Personally I don't think that a lot, I mean if ti was over 60 for me then yes it would be.

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Nintenuendo2400d ago

It's the same kind of tactics Pokémon used back in the day... well I guess they still do.

Oh well, the reviews for the game have been surprisingly good, and initial cost is nowhere NEAR $300. So, unless your kids are spoiled, or you're a really badass (or rich) parent, you don't have much to worry about.

rdgneoz32400d ago

At least with Pokemon, you didn't need to buy a ton of crap in order to beat a $60 game.

Godmars2902400d ago

I want to know how soon until some hacker figures out the electronic keys for the figures, copies them, then publish them on the web.

You know its going to happen.

Heartnet2399d ago

I doubt it as this game is for kids lol and no kid is gonna do that -_-

Godmars2902399d ago

You underestimate the f*** @$$ery of hackers my friend.

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