Former EA Support Rep Ousts Company Service, Policies

Now, shortly after the release of their highly anticipated Battlefield 3, EA continues to get reamed. This time it’s by a former EA support representative, or at least someone claiming to be one, on Reddit.

Posting under the username TierThreeGuy, he has revealed some inside information regarding the company, their policies, and the genreal service that they provide. Sparked by a post complimenting EA for giving a user a 15% discount because they found Battlefield 3 to be too expensive, TierThreeGuy went on to explain how EA handles gives out codes like that regularly knowing full well that many of them don’t work. He also went into detail about issues like a billing issue with Mythic, including a story that resulted in death.

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PirateThom2490d ago

I, honestly, wouldn't be surprised if the majority of that is true to some degree and maybe some fabrication for effect... but it's the nature of call centre support and for most companies, when it comes to it, the people you talk to at point one really can't help you if there's a "non-standard issue" because they either have minimal training or work from a script, and then it gets passed through departments and other tiers and, eventually, gets lost in some ticket raised to a support queue.

Obviously, the staff care is another issue entirely.

r1sh122490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

LOl...I remember when I complained that I had to disconnect my ethernet cable for Fight night champion to get past the loading screen I was instantly given a 15% discount from their PC store.....
I wouldnt be surprised if this person is telling the truth, many people will not use them so theres no point generating codes that work.
Cosy cutting like this happens everywhere, it cant be stopped unless its taken to court.

Edit: I just tried that control glitch on fifa 12 with a friend and it works loooool. I cant believe it hasnt been fixed for 3 years

gypsygib2490d ago

EA never did fix the Crysis 2 grain glitch even though the devs admitted to it. The post was over 100 pages and Crytek just went silent and never patched it even though the said they would

No wonder Bioware is losing that special magic, it's working under a Nazi regime.

raytraceme2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Holy **** talk about the greediest company ever. I thought activision was bad but ea takes greed to a whole different level. I am sure as hell going to make sure I pirate ea games from now on and never spend a dime on their games. I don't understand why developers like valve, insomniac, and the old infinity ward would even partner with them??? I hope valve cuts of ea as a publisher and start publishing games themselves.

Activision milks cod but ea milks people and gamers how disgusting.

If you read the entire post than you would understand that this is basically Foxconn but with worse working conditions.

gamingdroid2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I doubt a lot of that article is true.

That said, EA has repeatedly over the last decade shown you their scrupulous shrewd and schemy behavior. I mean didn't DRM, Online Passes, deletion of games from inactive accounts, spying on your computer and so on, clue you in!

At least Activision is just greedy. They don't create little schemes to ensnare you or F you over with Online Passes. Instead they say, here is what we offer, we charge more than the competition, but it's your choice to buy it!

Activision doesn't sell you a trojan horse like EA! Wake up people, the devil is at your door!!!

The_Nameless_One2490d ago

"I am sure as hell going to make sure I pirate ea games from now on and never spend a dime on their games."

You are just hurting the developers who have no agenda but to make the best game for your enjoyment. Don't forget that by doing this you are pretty much justifying every publisher who goes with the "online pass/activation" and there by making sure companies get even more tight with their policies.

Pirating the games is not the answer.

WHile you cannot shake the feeling that there is truth to this article I doubt all of it is true.

If you only had half a clue of the shady part of having to run a major corporation. Just go and do a google search for "working conditions in Rockstar"

-Mika-2490d ago

This sounds fake or maybe it just a former employee who mad that EA fired him.

Rage_S902490d ago

When i saw this on reddit i knew it would come to n4g.

Godchild10202490d ago

Why do people like this wait for a big company to release a big game. Is this suppose to hurt sales or not. Also why would you pirate a game @ raytraceme, you are not only hurting ea but the dev team that worked on the game.

I don't like activision, but I still bought the new spyro spin off game. I love spyro, but I would also like to see the idea around the game to succeed and to see it in other games.

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