If A Game Is Cinematic In Nature, Is It Less Of A Game?

With gaming coming closer and closer to movies with every passing day, one has to wonder: if it's more about "the experience" and less about direct control, is it less of a video game?

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Pozzle2370d ago

I think it depends on the game, tbh.

In Uncharted's case, it's a story driven game, so the cutscenes only add to the game. They also don't pull you out of the game, as they usually exist for a purpose. They continue the story and also transition seamlessly into gameplay (I also like that the characters still have conversations and banter even during gameplay. It only adds to the character/story driven aspect of the game).

But in other cases (particularly certain RPGs), sometimes the cutscenes can go for too long and you end up wondering why all this info wasn't just given to you during gameplay or shorter diaogue scenes, instead of being dumped on you during a long, non-interactive cutscene.

In the end, it really depends how the dev handles the cutscenes. They can either be used well, or very very badly.

potedude2370d ago

I think some games need it, it works well in UC2 and very well in the FF series so I like to see it. It also amazes me to see good cinematic experiences as I still remember the old 8bit days so this recent stuff is gold.

I liked it in [email protected], I think I will like it in UC3 when I buy it. For me "don't believe the hype"...

MaxXAttaxX2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

And that's what some people need to realize.

Not every game is built to fit everyone's taste. If you don't like what a game does, then maybe it isn't for you, but there are plenty of people that enjoy it for what it is.

Dante1122370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Yeah, I really like cinematic experiences in games. Seems like more devs are going that way as well this gen (and maybe next gen). The FF games were some of my favorite games to play in the past as well as God of War which shock the h*** outta me when I played it for the first time. Was really my first time playing a game like that besides Indigo Prophecy, but that was sort of different since you only had control during certain parts (The QTE's did get a bit tedious though). Bioshock was pretty cool as well.

Bigpappy2370d ago

For my taste, I don't like game that feel like interactive movies (fill with QTE and cut scenes). I like to fell that I am in full control and that things happen by chance, even if it was planed that way. I like to have choices in the outcome.

For these reasons, even though I respect the high review scores games like Uncharted receive these high review scores, they still do not excite people like me in a way Mass Effect, Fall Out and Skyrim would. And that is one of the reasons that review scores do not determine which games I buy. Its the reason why I played Morrowind for over 200 hours but could not finish Oblivion.

MaxXAttaxX2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

That's where we differ. I found games like Fallout 3 boring. They're harder to replay.
If I can stop at anytime deviate from the main goal and not do anything of significance in a game, to me, the pace is lost and it doesn't feel as engaging.
In my opinion, of course.

tiffac0082370d ago

For me it does not matter, I've been playing video games for maybe 2 decades now and I've seen the evolution and revolution of gaming as years goes by.

Everyone has their own preferred genre but denying yourself of a good game because you have your preferred wants is not the games fault its the gamer.

For me if the game is good then its worth my time and money. Whatever its gameplay or focus, I just don't have enough time and money to play them all.

caboose322370d ago

I love it when games have lots of cutscenes, as long as they are done in a good taste and add to the game.

smashcrashbash2370d ago

Figures they would wait until UC3 to come out to ask this question.People don't see to realize that the sequences in UC are interactive. If you do them wrong you die. I didn't realize that until I didn't jump when the building was falling. I was still in control of the game and by slacking off I fell and died. Same thing with the jeep chasing you.

If you mess up, you die.People act as if these sequences take away your control of the game. Only today's media would find a way to criticize ND's perfect way of melding cinematics and gameplay.They have no problem accepting FPS's clumsy 'die on this spot for cut scene' or 'press A to move cupboard or smash through window' or 'ride a tank that will most likely be destroyed so you can conveniently get back on foot' or 'kill the guy that we all know was going to die' sequences suddenly with UC3 its a problem. Figures.

Why is it that Sony's games are always used as examples of what the other games have been doing for years? I listened to enough 'Insomniac is a bad developer because their R3 MP had glitches and problems' while watching the long list of problems other MP FPS have even at launch. Right now BF3's servers are down. Where is the 'why didn't you prepare your servers' speech people gave for R3?

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