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PSX Extreme Review: Battlefield 3

One of 2011's biggest games is finally here; is it the pinnacle of FPSs? Does it deliver on all it promises? Well, the multiplayer certainly delivers. (Battlefield 3, PS3) 9.0/10

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MysticStrummer  +   1310d ago
I'm liking the game so far, but it's not keeping me from playing more Dark Souls, which I already finished once. Online is good, but the big maps on the console version of BF3 feel pretty empty with so few players in them. MAG does the feel of a big battle better, in my opinion, but BF3 is much better looking and "realistic". I'll play both.
Bolts  +   1310d ago
They should never have put big maps in the console version unless the system can handle 64 players. On the PC is where this game really comes alive, picture MAG with BF3's graphics and vehicles. It's like a virtual battlefield in all it's chaos and destruction unfolding in front of your eye. Jets dog fighting overhead, gunships zooming in and out blowing shit up, tanks circling objectives all the while infantries are cursing and fighting all over the damn map.

It's almost too much to handle when you're near the center of the action and a beautiful sight to behold when you're on the edge of it.
Hufandpuf  +   1309d ago
the small maps look amazing, but the bigger maps: Caspian Border, etc. had their graphics toned down to enhance the scale.

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