Gamespot: Battlefield 3 Review

In the realm of online combat, Battlefield 3 provides thrills that few games can match.

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-Alpha2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Was expecting 9.0 at least, I imagine Gamespot will dock points for the console version.

Haha, I'm going to go read the Gamespot Forums, between iNFamous 2 getting 7.5, Forza receiving 8.5, and now BF getting an 8.5, that place is going to be a riot.

Campaign seems to be universally disliked, which is not surprising. Does anybody know if there will be co-op DLC?

Jobesy2485d ago

I don't see though how people can really talk bad about the review. All over the internet people are disappointed by the game. On Amazon BF3 is 3/5 stars for the 360 version and 4/5 for the PS3 version. These are coming from verified buyers too. Word of mouth is going to kill 2nd week sales and I anticipate many will be trading the game in to get MW3, especially at Gamestop where you can get it for 99p with a BF3 trade in.

1 more month could have done a world of good for EA/DICE.

-Alpha2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

A review is an opinion, I have no doubt that somebody will fault it, and in this case I wont be surprised if BF fans get upset.

I can easily see a "the negatives don't justify the score" complaint coming or "BF is about MP, SP doesn't matter"

I've been hearing mixed things about Battlefield 3 too but it's mostly positive. The big thing seems to be a few bugs that need ironing out still.

If anything, it didn't meet the stupidly fuelled hype, though to be fair the hype was just for MP and in that regard people seem to be enjoying it.

2485d ago
-Alpha2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Well what are you looking for?

If it's SP then skip it, but MP seems great to me. What are the complaints about anyway? The majority I read are on small bugs and SP being a total dud.

I think it's ironic how after all the COD bashing that was done that BF3's SP ended up trying to mimic COD itself. And it's a shame because Bad Company 2's SP was actually open and featured lots of destruction.

They became what they hated. At least for SP


I really disliked the beta too but I've heard a lot of praise for the final version. I'm a huge fan of UC3 MP so I'll probably pick up BF3 later as well :)

LackTrue4K2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

im playing this right now and its like a 8.5. i had a bad time with BFBC 2 too at first, but it was cuz of lack of squad! i think thats whats missing for me. my squad lives in mexico and they get the game Oct 28.

gamingdroid2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Well I bought this game from during the $20 credit and regret it immensely. What is it with Dice and shining annoying lights your face all the time?

Freaking gives me a headache and soon epileptic seizures or something. I'm going to finish the campaign, play a few matches and trade it in. Already locked in trading value at for $30. A $10 loss to EA! ugh....

I'm not going to buy more [email protected] hype from EA. Should have taken the hint with online passes and not bought it.

I'm surprised this game got a above average scores, as it is barely even average in my book.

Biggest2485d ago

The multiplayer is unmatched in the realm of military shooters. The teamwork required on large maps is simply outstanding. I heard from friends and read in reviews that the SP is unspectacular. I expected that seeing as how EVERY military shooter has an unspectacular SP mode in my opinion. To give perspective, the last and only military shooter I completed was the original Modern Warfare. That being said. . . BF3 is everything I expected and I am loving it. I have friends that love CoD and are overwhelmed by BF3. It's simply too much for them. I have friends that love CoD and welcome the intensity of a superior experience (my words). I also have friends that won't touch a watered down game like CoD (in comparison to BF) with a 10 foot pole. Everyone is different. If you embrace a challenge and gaming diversity, you'll love BF3. If you don't need much in the way of gameplay and feel overwhelmed by the scale and challenge, you won't love BF3.

PSN - BiggC

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TheOtherTheoG2485d ago

Hehe, System Wars ;)

The place seems more tied up over how Gears 3 scored 9.5 to Uncharted 3's 9.0 at the moment, which is rather funny, and of course GTA V being announced and everyone shouting about it being crap because IV and RDR were crap (not my opinion, but hey) BF3 is being comparitively overlooked.

System Wars is a funny place...

Rageanitus2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

ummm so much hype before the game launched stating it willbe a COD killer... for some reason its not looking to bright.... stilll a good game though.

I still remember every DICE game that was being launched, for some reason the COD will say this is the game that will kill COD..... but look what happened.

Not saying the past DICE games were bad but they were just GOOD but not exceptional.

Halochampian2485d ago

I still remember Regeanitus thinking he could post a good comment..... but looked what happened

Not saying Rageanitus is a complete IDIOT but not very bright.

GamerPS3602485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

I don't know what you guys are complaining. It's only 0.5 less than uncharted 3. :)
Battlefield is still the king of shooter.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2485d ago

I'd argue there are PLENTY of shooters that are better than BF3


And I'd argue NO on that...

This generation of consoles has been full of disappointment left and right when it comes to shooters.

Rage_S902485d ago

Have ether of you actually played the game or are you pulling this sh*t out your ass?

LackTrue4K2485d ago

we all like different game!!! we all do, and with my killzone 3 squad has given me a 5hit load of replay value on KZ3!!!

Hufandpuf2485d ago

"Plenty"? That's an overstatement, you make it seem like the game is garbage.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2485d ago

No, no. Battlefield 3 isn't garbage at all. In just my opinion I feel there are more than a handful of shooters I prefer.

For example, I'm actually not a fan of vehicle combat. So instantly for me, any game which has vehicles usually isn't to my liking.

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nano882485d ago Show
FunkMcnasty2485d ago

I picked up BF3 this morning and its a 10 for me, and I'm the only critic I care about.

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