Should you Buy Kirby’s Return to Dreamland? No.

The problem with Kirby's Return to Dreamland isn't that it's easy. Great Kirby games, such as Epic Yarn often are. The problem is that this new game is simple without excelling at anything.

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jacksonmichael2337d ago

Wow... I wasn't planning to, but I don't like how up-front you're being about it... lol.

dark-hollow2336d ago

Gawker sites = shit in its pure form.

badjournalism2337d ago

Should you take anything from Kotaku seriously? NO.

zeal0us2337d ago

This the kind of crap you see when kotaku can't report real news.

morkendo232336d ago

give the game a FREAKING chance before saying NO

ronin4life2336d ago

Why disagree with rationality? that you, kotaku?

ronin4life2336d ago

This would actually be upsetting if it were anybody but kotaku.
Kirby looks to be a great game. Don't let kotaku be a deciding factor on wether or not to purchase it.

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