The War of the Worlds Review (

ThisisXbox Writes: "In the late nineteenth century, H.G Wells, delivered to the world a fantastic science fiction novel by the title of: The War of the Worlds – a struggle for one man’s survival as he tries to find his wife during a battle between mankind and the Martians on Earth, well more specifically it seemed to focus on London. Whilst it is a great book, a movie adaption was made in the 1950’s which has since formed the basis for Other Ocean Interactive’s, 2D cinematic platformer available to download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace today. You do not need to have read the book or watched the movie to enjoy this game, but it will test the patience of a Saint – if you’re up for a challenge, you’re going to be impressed."

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potedude2486d ago

Is this coming to PSN? Sounds kinda good...

thisisxboxcom2485d ago

It's amazing and it is being released on the PSN & PC too very soon.

JellyJelly2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

I wasn't impressed at all by the trial demo. The platforming elements felt really shoddy and nothing about the game really impressed me. Might get much better further in but judging from the demo I'd rather get Outworld than this.