Take-Two Shares Rise After Grand Theft Auto V Announcement

Easily their biggest franchise, it’s no surprise that publisher Take-Two Interactive’s shares have jumped by almost 6% following Grand Theft Auto V‘s announcement.

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Sev2311d ago

When you see something you like, things tend to rise.

doctorstrange2311d ago

Please be out next year. 2013 would be evil.

Thatguy-3102311d ago

GTA isn't as big as it once was..might be a good game but it won't shatter records as it used to do

doctorstrange2311d ago

I dunno, Red Dead sold tons on the Rockstar brand alone.

This'll be huge.

Ahasverus2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Sure? See you on Nov 2nd ;) .. oh wait, I won't, the internet will probably colapse, AGAIN

aPerson2311d ago

If it improves on the shortcomings of GTA4 then I see no reason why this game wouldn't sell impressive numbers.


Today i read in the metro a short piece that was nothing more then "GTA5 has been announced"

don't be fooled by the FPS shooter madness that everyone is gobbing for... GTA is just as big now as it was. You only need to look at the reaction on both the net and outside.

I am sort of considered the "gamer" round my office and i have already had people walking up to telling me they heard gta5 has been announced.

it's big and to be honest even if it had lost a bit of shine, once the trailer is out and once the marketing machines start rolling people will in for a rude awaking to the king of open world car jacking shooters!

look at how RDR was overlooked for so long, once they got the a few trailers out and the marketing started everyone went crazy over it.

BlmThug2310d ago

Gta IV sold 22.5 million units which is only beat by Black ops this HD gen. Imagine now when both HD consoles have a user base over 100 million together.

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LostTokens2311d ago

It's still a viable name, whether or not it sells as many as it has in the past. Even if it DOES sell fewer copies, it's likely still going to sell a BOATLOAD.

stormeagle62310d ago

I've got burnt out on GTA way back after finishing Vice City. It's hard for me to see how people still get excited for what is still the same game with prettier graphics.

BigWoopMagazine2310d ago

Yeah actually I did too... kinda. More like San Andreas, but I played IV and sold it back after beating it, cause after the storyline it felt like just the same thing again. Here's hoping V introduces plenty of new stuff to make it feel fresh again.

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