Uncharted 3 First 10 minutes Gameplay

Watch 10 minutes of gameplay, but beware of SPOILERS

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aviator1892218d ago

That pic makes me smile. They're like one big, awesome family. :)

deadpoole2218d ago

Naughty Dog reallllllyyyyyyyyy knows how to make beautiful, artistic and wonderful game ... thnk god I pre-ordered it ... :)

Ethereal2217d ago


Relientk772217d ago

I cannot watch this I MUST wait until I play the game for myself

kaveti66162217d ago

Okay so the character of Talbot looks very much like Nathan Drake. Too much like him.

Either this plays an important role in the story or Naughty Dog made a big mistake.

MaxXAttaxX2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Maybe. But I think Navarro has sharper features, and Talbot has a rounder face.

Dark General2217d ago

He doesn't look like drake but he does look like the badguy from UC1. I forget his name but the partner of Eddie Raja.

MaxXAttaxX2217d ago

Gabriel Roman?
I don't think so either, lol

Errod882217d ago

Must not watch Must not watch Must not watch.

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The story is too old to be commented.