Nomura Talks FFXIII

Were you aware that Japan's Dengeki magazine group recently gave out awards for the PlayStation brand's all time best of the best?

Neither were IGN.

Apparently, Final Fantasy VII placed quite highly in these so-called "Den-Play Awards." The game took the award for best story, best RPG, and best overall game. Cloud Strife took the award for best character, followed by the other vertices of his love triangle, Aeris at fifth and Tifa at eighth. Six characters in all placed in the top 50, with Sephiroth at 14th, Reno at 15th and Yuffie at 42nd.

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Alvadr3919d ago

The waiting is the hardest part :...(

Kain813919d ago

But i have heard that they will show a Trailer ( i hope in-game-trailer),
before Chrismas.

Gordii3919d ago

Please no comments on Final Fantasy or stories!!!!!! I really want some square games bad! Although I think its time for Remakes like 1-10 would be nice with Ps3 graphics! I would def. pick up another ps3 just for these games because i need one for my other gaming.
*** yes i multitask ***

Skerj3919d ago

Man the scale of the games has me excited, I'm just hoping they bring it right with the storyline. Oh and Xenogears still remains my favorite Square RPG.

vloeistof3919d ago

just the other day, during a Versus meeting, a programmer asked, 'Is it okay to program with PS3 exclusivity in mind?'." I asked why, and he said, 'If we port it to other hardware, we have to program with that in mind.' I responded, 'Of course, Versus is PS3 exclusive.'"

unlimited3919d ago

I know by the time Final Fantasy Versus comes out(0'9) the PS3 install base will be at least 18 million or more. Also this game will get even more people to buy the PS3..Square have nothing to worry about at all..

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The story is too old to be commented.