IGN: Battlefield 3 Consoles Review

Battlefield 3 suffers from an identity crisis.

It delivers scorching multiplayer, fitting of its decade-long pedigree of famously expansive big-team battles, but stumbles over a generic single-player campaign that feels like a different game.

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-Alpha2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I was expecting 8.5 but I suppose they are reviewing it against console standards?

I'm really disappointed to hear about the texture issues, I noticed that textures seem to load constantly in real time on the PS3. I hope that it isn't too serious.

Also, the biggest problem with 24 players I have is that Conquest becomes completely linear. I really hated that in BC2, it can kill the whole "Freedom" of Battlefield.

frostyhat1232188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Thats what I thought! I was sure it was going to be 8.5 or lower.... oh well this just gives me more faith in the game!
P.s.It's going to be so hard to share playing time with this and Batman!

deadpoole2188d ago

can someone pls tell me when r we gonna get back to karkand map pack for PS3.

Chuk52188d ago

I'm between Bruce Wayne and marines as well.

raWfodog2188d ago

@ frostyhat123 & Chuk5

Spoiler alert!:
Bruce Wayne is Batman.

KonGreat2188d ago

I think it was around early 2012!

zeeshan2187d ago

Well, I'd give it a 9 myself if I were at IGN because I would compare this with other shooters especially Call of Duty. The game deserves 9. I don't know why many journalists give COD games 9.5 or 10s. They are the same titles, the same games release every year with slightly different perks and maps and that's it.

DICE worked hard on the maps. They are huge! Everything about multiplayer screams huge and they deserve the credit for putting in the effort.

I can STILL see some glitches (I am on PS3 and can not comment on 360 version as I don't use LIVE service) and there are some tweaks that the multiplayer needs but they have done a great job making you feel as if you are in the middle of a battlefield with all the helis and fighter planers, vehicles and what not.

This game is far from perfect but this IS a military shooter. Not like other shooters that WANT to be known as military shooter *cough* *cod* *cough*.

I am sure that with a couple of tweaks here and there, this game will vastly improve and will become a greater experience. One that you shouldn't miss.

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Jamzluminati2188d ago

I was expecting a 4.5 knowing IGN.

frostyhat1232188d ago

Will you stop with the IGN bias and the IGNorant crap? If you don't like them don't click on the article, they are one of the most respected reviewers and I have no idea why there is so much hate towards them!

memots2188d ago

@ frostyhat123

Its because its cool to hate. And there is a lot a sheep out there trying to fit in so they will hate for no reason.

Think about it what are the article with the most comments or heat on here ... Yup you guessed right Article that hate or bash something.

kaveti66162188d ago

Jamz, you're running the risk of losing another bubble.

People think this is a good thing but I know you'll probably be back with another account so behave yourself.

NeverLetGo2188d ago Show
Heartnet2188d ago

tbh i was expecting that from all reviewers hmm..

RedSky2188d ago


Bias is debatable and subjective. IGN is arguably the most popular game reviewing website, okay sure. But IGN being "one of the most respected reviewers". GOOD SIR, I THINK NOT.

MaxXAttaxX2188d ago

IGN has been giving 9.0s a lot lately.

Goozex2187d ago

I'd get it for ps3 so I can timed exclusive maps.

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ambientFLIER2188d ago

"I was expecting 8.5 but I suppose they are reviewing it against console standards?"

Duh? They even wrote an article about it because people still refused to understand. Why would console games be reviewed against PC games? That would mean no game on the Wii would ever get a good score in graphics.

jetlian2188d ago

maybe you ment rush is linear conquest on some maps have 4 points to hold!

kikizoo2188d ago Show
joab7772188d ago

Thank you for an honest review. For ps3 standards, this game is gorgeous. And despite the player count and map size,it is thebest multiplayer to date. Ironically,it also helps it stand toe to toe w cod. Alot of cod fans would b turned off by 64 players and huge maps. Great job dice.

DA_SHREDDER2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

For ps3 standards this game is gorgeous? Are you sure you aren't playing the pc version? I've seen games in 08 that look better than BF3. Even 360 games that look better. Rage destroys this game when it comes to graphics, let alone GOW, Uncharted, Killzone, ect, ect.....

rented it, gameshared the online code, and I must say I'm not impressed at all. Sure it's better than the beta was, Ill give them that, but um, thats about as far as I would go, it definitely isn't gonna dethrone COD, or many other shooters for that matter.

aquamala2188d ago

Looks damn good on my ps3, As good as the best looking ps3 games, sure looks way better than uncharted 3 subway beta

nycredude2188d ago

Da shredder

I don't know what comparison videos you've been watching. The game looks great on my ps3. Textures are great, framerate is smooth as butter. It's way better than COD but not quite as good as the first party games, but the destruction makes up for it. Rage on the other looks great also but the textures are crap up close and way too much texture loading issues.

Jayjayff2188d ago

are you sure you're playing the same battlefield ? the texture(help me in here that im no technician ) like that comparison video showed us is quite slow in loading time, when playing the single player there were various time when the game would freeze (checkpoints) and then continue which takes a lot from the experience and the graphics are below Battlefield Bc 2 standards. I am not an expert when it comes to engine but sadly it seems like this one downgrade just to add some lighting and i am quite disappointed but at least the vehicles are there which is what got me into the game in the first place so this will have to do for now.

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KiLLUMiNATi_892188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Console 9/10 and PC a 9/10!!!!! But crysis 2 a 9/10!!!!!! like I'd said b4 ign reviews are just head scratchers...

joab7772187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

I agree. B3 on PC is a 9.5...period. it is jaw dropping, the multiplayeris the best to date and the sp isn't terrible, despite opinions. It is a refined cod campaign that garneshed praise a few yrs ago. Is it innovative and refreshing,no, but its what we expect and doesn't diminish the experience. On console, it is a 9. Its the best online to date and one of the best looking games on console. Crysis is an 8.5. It looks good but not as good as battlefield and the multiplayer isn't on b3s plane. Slight edge to sp, but it wasn't inspiring either.

finbars752188d ago

Textures loading in real time on the PS3? Not to sure about that one.I'm have been playing it constantly on the PS3 and I havnt run into any of those issues a all.The game is always complete when I'm always moving in any direction.But all in all good review and Im just loving the game in every aspect except every now and then our voices cut in and out while in squad which is minore but a little annoying when alt of shit is going down.

Grandclover2188d ago

Just played the campaign last night and it BLEW MY SOCKS OFF!!! The game is absolutly the best looking game i have played on a console. Id throw Crysis up there with it too minus the wicked lighting. I have no idea what people are talkin about with there Tech issues on the game. I put it in installed it and started playing and right off the bat i was just like on a actual battlefield. The Campaign is the best of any military shooter i have played hands down ( not the story but how they do the story). The campaign to me felt real, i felt like if i was in war this is what would be happing this is how my squad mates would be talking to me and eachother. I mean its a military shooter that has been done a thousand times you honestly think i care why im blowing that building up anymore??? Just give me the RPG and make it look like the most real thing that can be achived this Gen and they did. The MP is just a bonus that could be a Game in and of itself. 8.5 my left nut, just like 9.0 my right nut. This game is a 10 across the board and sets a bar for MW3 that is pretty darn high. I hate that im starting to think about this site when im at home but when i was playing last night just over and over i keep saying "what are the dudes and dudets from N4G talking about? This is the best shooter yet".

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iamnsuperman2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Is it just me but is the closing comments the same as the PC version review (like word for word). Not a big deal just a sense of deja vu

OT: Nice review except for the deja vu parts

ambientFLIER2188d ago

Well, if the game is identical in same ways, then an identical paragraph is ok, right?

gypsygib2188d ago

From my friends who bought it, 3 of them have regrets buying it, one think it's good but not great (7.5-8/10 MP with crap SP) and one guy thinks it's the best MP ever.

Some judging from the people I know, a 9/10 is overrated.

madden glitch2188d ago

I'm nervous to purchase Battlefield 3 just because I don't know if I'll like it. The beta didn't blow my mind, and I'm not that much into the strategic aspect of the Battlefield franchise. I'm more of a fast-pace kind of player and Call of Duty fills that space.

On another side note, I will no doubt love Uncharted 3 when I purchase it day 1. :)

Hufandpuf2188d ago

This is the best battlefield game I've played (and ive played them all)The multiplayer is daunting at first so I suggest you give it a rent at least to see how you like it.

BattleTorn2188d ago

I originally booked a week off work because Halloween (my fav) lands on a Monday. But it's definitely turning out better that I thought.
I'm getting Uncharted 3 and the LotR game!

madden glitch2188d ago

Thanks for the feedback, but I think i'll give it a few more day to think about. But i'm almost positive i'll end up buying it.

cpayne932188d ago

You could buy bad company 2, it's pretty cheap now and people are still playing online.

madden glitch2188d ago

im not gonna buy Battlefield Bad Company 2 when there is Battlefield 3. I know BF3 is better than BFBC2.

-Alpha2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

BC2 is still a great game but get it for PC. The console community is much more limited and with BF3 I doubt there are too many players left

They are two different series

Domer252188d ago

Yeah same boat as you (nervous from the beta).. Can't even rent it to try...(no origins code)...tough decision.

Stewie2k82188d ago

Then don't get battlefield 3, i dont think its for you. battlefield is for teamwork and tactics.

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leogets2188d ago

battlefield games always deliver an exeptional mp. people that dont like it probably enjoy playing games such as skyrim,lemmings,things of that nature ;)

Stewie2k82188d ago

hey i love battlefield, i think it is the greatest FPS made imo and i im sure i will 100% also love skyrim! dont put lemmings and skyrim in that same sentence again!

Captain Qwark 92188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )


elder scrolls is my fav game series ever and battlefield is, by miles, my fav mp ever. i dont think you can be that general, peoples taste in games can vary drastically for example.....

my fav games of this gen....
Dragon age origins
Dark souls
Batman AA
Ratchet and clank FTOD and CIT
Mass effect 1/2
BC 1 / 2 BF3
Armored Cor 4 / 4A
Mortal Kombat

dont like.....
COD ( any of them )
Forza or GT
Most sports games, madden is okay

what im trying to say is, im all over the map, just because i like skyrim and action rpgs doesnt mean i wouldnt/dont like BF, some people will enjoy the game others will not, somebody's genre preferences is absolutely irrelevant. we all have our own opinions.....

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2188d ago

Yes I am a lemming and I happen to enjoy playing games that aren't released yet.

frostypants2188d ago

The online IS the greatest on consoles yet. Hands down.

Forget the single player. It's Battlefield. Anyone who plays Battlefield for the campaign doesn't understand the series.

Grandclover2187d ago

I played it for the campaign and im pretty sure i understood exactly what BF3 was all about.... Frost Bite 2 and what it could achieve turning my ps3/xbox into a Graphical Behemoth. You will not see the game the same in mp as you do in campaign. I could care less about the story, send me on my mission and make cool stuff happens so i can go ooooohhhh and awwwwww and the friggn nailed it. Let me be clear if you don't even play through the campaign once then you havn't seen BF3 or what the game and engine are really capable of.

GunofthePatriots2188d ago

The only problem I have with the multiplayer so far is that you can only have 4 people in your party that make up a squad. I understand the squad part but why can't we have a party up to 12 people and split them up in groups of 4?
I would like to play with more friends.

Also....breaking up the party when joining a game is lame.

Kleptic2188d ago

forgive me on the math...but wouldn't splitting 12 people into groups of exactly what the game lets you do?...or you can have smaller squads if you want for just you and a friend, which helps at times for certain things...

if you are saying because you want to hear everyone...turn on team chat instead of just squad chat...

Ashby_JC2188d ago

And how do you turn on TEAM chat?? Never saw this on the 360.

Kleptic2188d ago

Not positive on the 360...but for PS3 when you go into 'manage squad' or 'squad options'...whichever it is in an actual match (not just the options menu before going to matchmaking)...there is chat options at the bottom of the screen...

It shows all the available squads, which squad you are in, etc...and at the bottom has VOIP enable/disable (will be grayed out if the server doesn't allow chat)...and beneath that has the options of team, squad, and off I is so no one can hear you, but you can hear others...VOIP off makes it so you can't hear anyone either...

I'd assume the 360 is the same, as these aren't options that have anything to do with the PS3 specifically...its not an xmb menu or anything...but its helpful when you have more than 3 other friends, and want to be able to talk to players on other squads...just remember to have friends on other squads do the same thing, or you won't be able to hear them...

BattleTorn2188d ago

This is cut&paste'd from the PC review. What's different?
I, for one, am happy with how BF3 turned out on console.

ambientFLIER2188d ago

If you simply opened up both reviews side by side, you'd see what's different. ZOMG COPIED AND PASTED!!!!!!1111one