The 7 Types of Xbox Live Gamers

The good news: There are now roughly eight million people on Xbox Live.

The bad news: They all fit into one of these sad-but-true stereotypes, lovingly illustrated by Martin Abel. Learn to spot them and you too can survive in the wild!.

The Whiner
The Griefer
The Tough Guy
The Ghost
The Motormouth
The Insider
The Normal One

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predator3958d ago

haha thats so true, although there are some geniune people on live that if they do get beat they accept it and congratulate, although it is rare.

mighty_douche3958d ago

ive only come across 2. one:this genuine nice guy who just wants to play games, two: screaming children crying "hes standby-ing...." "cheater" "why didnt he die!" <--- the majority.

predator3958d ago

on live its uselly 10 yr kids with the highest pitched voice on this earth u just end up hurling abuse after abuse abuse at them, so god dam annoying "can i be on ur team" "why u not speaking to me" "im so good on halo 3" SHUT THE [email protected] UP arghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Captain Tuttle3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

They forgot the racists and anti-Semites.

Edit to below: Yeah, and the homphobics.

boodybandit3958d ago

I open my blades and mute the person instantly. If I am on PSN and there isn't a mute option I just take off my headset or leave the server. That kind of ignorance works my last nerve more so than any other nonsense online.

Nooby McNoobs3958d ago

oh yea i agree, there are a lot of racists in PGR4 and all this nationality thing (Flags) in PGR4 only makes it worse

Close_Second3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Apparently because you win against some people you must have had sex with your mother or your sister.

The most angry person I have played against was from South Africa. The guy was just plain psycho - threatening everyone and calling everyone a c*nt, etc. Ahhh, I love that mute button...

One of my biggest hates is when some home boy thinks everyone wants to share in his taste of gangster rap and puts his mic next to his speaker. If I wanted to listen to that sh*t I'd join a gang, wear a red bandanna around my head and wear my pants half way down my ass so my undies are on show. How are people who wear baggy pants that brandish their undies to the world suppose to be tuff? Hell, go to a circus you see lots of clowns who dress very similar.

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boodybandit3958d ago

and headsets don't mix (for me personally) unless you are playing with friends. They seriously need to add an easy mute feature to all XBL games. I think people that use headsets as a chat group or telephone conversation are almost as annoying as kids screaming and carrying on.

My headset is always plugged in but rarely do I have the volume turned up to hear my team mates. I will check it from time to time to see if my team mates are actually talking strategy vs having a conversation or carrying on like kids.

mighty_douche3958d ago

thats one reason i was quite happy for the ps3 to ship without a headset.
it need to be more like PC (imo) were you and friends have a dedicated chat room (like Teamspeak), that way you can talk to your mates without everyone else having to listen to it and visa versa.

borgome3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

The only time I even use my headset is when I'm playing with people on my friends list, and even then I'll go into a private chat with them. I can't stand listening to the majority of people on live. I have enough common sense to help out my team without having to hear them talk.

The last time I was in an open chat these guys started a racial shouting match and they were on the same team, pathetic.

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