Famitsu review scores (10/25)

Check out the latest reviews from Famitsu, which includes a near-perfect score.

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Dante1122245d ago

Sweet, 9,9,8,9. UC3 will be mine soon.

zeeshan2245d ago

It is at least MY game of the year already!

Laxman2245d ago

Where did you get it from a week early?

zeeshan2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

So by saying that you actually mean that I have to play a game in full to form an opinion?

GunofthePatriots2245d ago

at first i thought it was a 10 out of 25 (10/25). i was about to say UH comes a mob of angry people lol

wenaldy2245d ago

It's the

Same thing happened in previous review (Dengeki)

banner2245d ago

Lol that's what I thought too!

HebrewHammer2245d ago

LOL FAIL, me too!

But its Uncharted 3 - 10/25 not possible!

blaze22-qwerty2245d ago

OMG I thought the score is 10/25 nearly a hard attack lol

blaze22-qwerty2245d ago

oh i forgot to say (any uncharted game)
= day 1 for me

eagle212245d ago

And check out Super Mario 3D Land 9/9/10/10. Good lord that's good! Zelda, Mario and Uncharted....I'm in gaming bliss this holiday! :)

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