FIFA 12, The Online Pass, And Why I Won’t Be Playing Anymore

It seems the online pass has taken its first genuine victim – at least, the first one I know about. FIFA 12 will no longer be being played in my flat, and I will not be in the market for future iterations of the game for the foreseeable future.

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2pacalypsenow2456d ago

I hate Online pases greedy bastards

nevin12456d ago

I started gaming in the NES era. and this current gen is by far the worst gen ever.

Long live NES-PS2 era.

farhad2k82456d ago

Goodbye to you sir, a small little fee for online play is worth it considering it is for a WHOLE year. If you don't like it, then bugger off.
If your petty little XBOX 360 fee's are interrupting with 'gaming' fee's, then use your MIND and get a PS3.

I simply think you're not going to get FIFA anymore because you are simply crap at the game. So thank you god.

Vortex3D2456d ago

We can complain all we want like saying not going buy games with online pass. The reality is how many gamers have the self control to do it?

With the recent Batman AC complains about the online pass, I read many gamers said if the game isn't that good, they wouldn't have bought it because of online pass. See the complains just don't work because most who complained still bought the game coming to self control.

And game publishers know that. Go ahead and complain because most will ended up buying the game. Kind of like Star Wars purist complaining about Lucas making changes and every release breaks record in sales.

With any kind of restriction, the best time to complain and resist is when the restriction just started. EA started Online Pass in spring last year. Back then, most gamers said they don't care about the online pass when I voiced about it. Now it's being practiced by most publishers and it's too late to complain.

Anyone who doesn't like Online Pass, until you are able to control yourself by not buying any game with online pass, publishers will not listen to you.

BaSeBaLlKiD7212456d ago

Seriously... People are making such a big deal of Online Passes. If they really want to play online, then just fork out the extra $5 to buy a new copy.

I do understand the issue of renting games since you won't be able to test out the online aspect of the game. This is something publishers should take in consideration to offer a 24-hour trial pass to market the multiplayer part.

but for the most part, just pay the $5 even if it takes to cut down on something unnecessary such as a pack of cigarettes for a week.

HxCGamer2456d ago

i believe there is a 7 day trial on fifa

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