Drugs + Games = ...

Laura of - "I’ve just returned from a weekend away with the girls to Amsterdam. It’s a crazy place; sex, drugs… and more drugs. I was sitting having a smoke the other day feeling positively fantastic, and I noticed an arcade machine in the corner of the bar."

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Huwmor2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

I like the creative writing piece at the start to explain why the drugs they were taking were legal. Anyone who's seen a thing or 2 could tell you this. Drugs tend to improve things (FYI:alcohol is drug it's just legal in most places). And lets be honest, weed might as well be legal if tobacco is.
But I really don't wanna get into that. Also, on coke or similar stimulants people I've seen have been in no mood to play videogames LOL, nice try though

JellyJelly2488d ago

A coked up gamer would own a pothead any day. It's probably the best gaming drug you could take.

TheBossMan2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

What kind of job do you have? Are you in a band? Architects, perhaps?

EDIT: This article is retarded. The reason you think weed makes things better is because it makes you retarded, and everyone knows retarded people enjoy the sh!t out of everything they do. Ever seen a sad retard? No... you haven't. That being said, ever seen a retard accomplish anything of significance? Nope, and neither has someone done anything of value when high.

jacksonmichael2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

I sell alcohol and cigarettes in the ghetto. Lol.

Reply to your reply: Oh, you have no idea. :P

Reply to your edit: That was hilarious. Hooray for offensive propaganda!

TheBossMan2488d ago

Must be quite lucrative, seeing as how those are two of the bare necessities of a proper, balanced thug life.

ZombieAssassin2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

"Nope, and neither has someone done anything of value when high. "

You'd be surprised how many great men in our history books were drug addicts.

You're prolly someone though who will drink alcohol (poison) but look down on someone for smoking a joint...and FYI I have seen a sad mentally handicapped person.

TheBossMan2488d ago

I don't do anything that's mind altering. Do I drink? Yes, but not enough to be considered drunk, nor even tipsy. And all those "great men" accomplished what they did whilst sober, and more than likely would have done more than they did if they had not been addicts. You know it's true, so I don't see why you'd argue otherwise.

Not sure how old you are, but I can guarantee that you had some of your favorite musicians die as a result of drug addiction. Hell, Alice in Chains, Sublime, and Nirvana may still be going strong had it not been for the hard stuff.

LewisDenby2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

TheBossMan - To each their own, and all that. If someone enjoys consuming a particular thing, be it cigarettes, alcohol, coffee or cannabis, that's their own prerogative. Except for ludicrous arbitrary laws, of course, which aren't linked to the harm potential of these substances. (For example, the three legal drugs I just mentioned are demonstrably, empirically more dangerous than cannabis, which has killed no one, and only psychologically damages one in 5,000 heavy users.)

Kurt Russell2488d ago

Burn the CD's of all your favourite musicians... They were on drugs.

I'm personally a regular weed smoker. Have been for about 10 years or so. Since on it I secured an MA and now work as a 3D artist like I set out to do. I've worked in 3 different continents just for the experience, have never missed a bill and always payed my tax.

You however BossMan are a detriment to society, a spot on the arsehole of the world - possibly an underachiever and above all else... a bore. You will follow the herd and never set out on your own path, as you were never told to do so.

Bubbles out. Peace.

ECM0NEY2488d ago

I have seen a sad retard. He was on my bus route in highschool

ECM0NEY2488d ago

@ thebossman

You do know that the double helix for DNA was discovered while on LSD right?

Iroquois_Pliskin2488d ago

wow @thebossman

dude just chill the f out... hes probably just joking...

TheBossMan2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

You guys do know that the only part of my posts directed at jacksonmichael was the joke about his job, right? And to address you others who claim to smoke a lot, did you take your exams whilst high in school? No. Do you work at peak level as a 3D artist whilst high? No. Has an engineer ever crunched numbers on anything to his best ability whilst high? No. Would you trust a financial adviser who makes sure he's stoned before he makes any important decisions regarding your financial future? No.

And as for the comment about not smoking being "following the herd," really? Cause according the disagrees I'm getting it seems the herd is somewhere else, and guess what? You're in it, not me. As for the boring aspect, I'd beg to differ. Seems like most stoners just sit around and do nothing whilst high, so I'd hardly classify that as being interesting (although you may think it is at the time, seeing as how you'd be temporarily retarded).

And EC, you do know that 99.99% of anything of importance ever was done whilst sober, right? To use your own example, even. Microbiology has progressed almost exclusively as a result of sober experimentation and observation.

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BushLitter2488d ago

Drugs + Games = Kevin Butler

earbus2488d ago

Acid gamer here plus speed weed eccies not as often as my rock band youth days but its one hell of a laugh mull up.

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