Mass Effect 3; The Trilogy Finale Tuned For A Better Experience

DP: The Genophage was a complete disaster for the Krogans of the Mass Effect universe. This massive biological weapon is responsible for the pending eradication of the Krogan species due to a gene manipulation that prevented female Krogans from carrying youth. The Krogan substory is just one matrix of the very expansive Mass Effect universe that continues throughout Mass Effect 3,

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ShadyDevil2489d ago

Glad to see them fine tuning it for a better experience. The PS3 version felt great on Mass Effect 2.

EmperorDalek2489d ago

Why can't it be March now...

SageHonor2489d ago

On the bright side we are getting closer

BuT_TeR2489d ago

I hope it doesn't stray off too much from an RPG into a 3rd Person Shooter.

SageHonor2489d ago

i played the demo. seen tweets from the writers and Hudson.. I can assure you we will have RPG elements. ITs an excellent blend. The level cap is 60 instead of 30. The XP system will be more like the first. More dialogue. Lots O weapon customization. :D

2489d ago