Battlefield 3 PC Graphics Supremacy Explained by DICE-NVIDIA

DICE and Nvidia prepared a 5-part video presentation explaining why Battlefield 3 PC graphics remain supreme compared with other games.

By combining thousands of light and shadow particles, fusing it with Battlefield 3's environment, the team manage to create one of the most realistic graphics-engine in the industry today.

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GrumpyVeteran2483d ago

The lighting is probably the best part of the game. Actually at ultra, the resolution on the textures isn't actually anything necessarily great. Some places in campaign the textures look really poor, but it's just when you combine all the effects together you get a good looking image.

jdktech20102483d ago

I wish I could see the retail version of this game. I'm trying to decide atm whether medium to high settings on a gtx 560 is worth 200 bucks for the graphics card I just bought. I've only got a couple friends on live that bought this but it would be nice.

Then again, does the 64 players just a deal breaker? Wish we got a retail demo for these purposes (understand about the beta but it's not the finished thing)


This games takes almost 1.5GB of VRAM o ULTRA if you have so if you just have a graphic card with 1GB like most people you will only be looking low - medium settings otherwise textures will load from the main RAM or SSD. The GTX 580 plays this game at mid 40+ fps.

saint_seya2483d ago

I play with all in ultra with a gtx 580 and i get most of the time betwen 50-70 fps, just some havy parts drops till 3x-4x, but it doesnt happen to often, and never feels slow. Think the lower fps count was 35 but after a few hours of playing and it could be that my card was way to hot.. but i get in some places 4x-5x when theres a lot of things going on in the screen (in single player, multiplayer game looks less resource eater)


I hope so, just saying I read a benchmark review with different card of the retail version on Operation Metro, with a sandy bridge setup.