DICE Executive Producer, Patrick Bach: “There is no difference between PC and console anymore”

@XG247: When we managed to catch a word with DICE Executive Producer Patrick Bach about Battlefield 3 we asked him what they'd learnt while making the game and he had a very interesting answer for us.

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Desz2163d ago

Except that the PC version is better...that's it..

Thrungus2163d ago

Haha, he seems to think differently.

BattleAxe2162d ago

It just goes to show that these guys will say anything, including lie to your face about facts that are so not true lol

Tg27082162d ago

while i fully agree with not all pcs are able to match a consoles graphics prowess everytime. the pc most likely needs to have the latest graphics card n others to really show a drastic difference so while a pc is considered better not all pc owners rig can max the game.

Somebody2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

He's talking about the experience and demands gamers (console and PC gamers alike)want from the game. He never said anything about hardware or software differences between the platforms.

I'm not defending him, though. He's just baiting for something.

sxbrady2162d ago

I'll point you to sells numbers sir!

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Chuk52163d ago

Thanks for the laugh, Patrick.

BrightFalls762163d ago

There is also no difference between a corn dog and steak or 200 thread count sheets and 1000 thread count sheets!

HeavenlySnipes2163d ago

Except that you made the game infinitely times better on PC.....intentionally

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The story is too old to be commented.