Watch Me Beat Kinect Sports 2 Tennis Without Moving

It's not often I get to proclaim myself an athlete, and today isn't going to change that, but I will say that I owned the shit out of my computer-controlled opponents today in Kinect Sports Season Two.

by Chris Carolan

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Bigpappy2489d ago

If that is true, then I would be ashamed of Rare's lack of effort.

May be they have an extra easy mode for kid 1 tru 3?

I will see when I get my copy.

gamer78042488d ago

That's why there are difficulty settings. Since he's a grown man he might want to try a harder setting or against a real person :-p

JellyJelly2488d ago

Hilarious video. And sad.

edhe2488d ago

Sounds fantastic - if you want kids to get into something then it's good that it lets them without forcing performance out of them.

Of course if you're gamer - why the hell aren't you doing your damn hardest to win eh?