Should Fighting be Allowed in the Hockey Video Games?

Nic from asks the question of whether or not fighting should be removed from hockey and its respective video games. (NHL 12, NHL 2k series, Etc...) If you've been following any of the recent shenanigans during this years NHL season, you probably have noticed a major crack down by director of player discipline Brendan Shanahan in regards to fighting, head shots, boarding, etc... within the NHL. All of which has stemmed from the recent surge in concussions of nhl players, most notably Sidney Crosby.

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nicfurlong2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Of course it should be. Without fighting the game itself would fail and so would the video games around it.

xtheownerzx2337d ago

Oh course fighting in any game is good. Just as long as it's in game.

jukins2337d ago

It's hockey of course it should be. I do wish they made it a little better tho in nhl 12

Venjense2337d ago

Should ridiculous asinine be asked by

nicfurlong2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

If your going to take the time to reply, atleast read the entire article.

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