Nyko Blu-Wave Infrared Remote Review

Everybody realizes that the PlayStation 3 can do much more than just play video games. It can be used to view pictures, listen to music, or watch movies in high definition. So what's missing? Infrared support.

Nyko's Blu-Wave Infrared Remote, which ranges from USD 15.99 to 28.00 in our store, adds just what you need. The package comes with a USB infrared receiver, an infrared remote, and of course two AAA batteries (a nice long-lasting pair of Duracell's)

The infrared remote itself is black and silver and has a sleek look to it that matches your PS3, which should please most consumers. I'm sure you don't want a bright pink remote controlling your sleek black, dust-free, non-warranty voided, PlayStation 3.

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Gordii3959d ago

Just buy the offcial Ps3 ***Sony*** remote you do not have to use a USB port on it! and its sexy!

sa_nick3959d ago

Yeah, this seems kinda pointless. The only reason I'd want infa red would be to have access to my TV and PS3 with the same remote. Doesn't look like this can do that.