GTA V Headed to Washington D.C Inspired City?

The trailer is coming on November 2nd, we have 15 days to speculate where the game will be set. We’re going to take an educated guess and say the game is headed toward a Washington D.C based city based on the limited information we have.

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TheBlackMask2310d ago

As long as it has a massive map I'll be good.

Just Cause 2 map was MASSIVE.

Rockstar should put their head in shame

compared to this

It took you ages to get to one end of the map to the other...even with an upgraded jet.

xPhearR3dx2310d ago

"The trailer is coming on November 2nd, we have 15 days to speculate where the game will be set"

Ummmm, Nov 2nd is next week. Basically a week from now here in a few hours. DERP

Scenarist2310d ago

however the world was empty

xX_Altair_Xx2310d ago

Only a R* logo could cause this much excitement. Agent is still talked about even though it's only a logo.

Son_Lee2310d ago

Man, if it actually takes place in D.C. or a D.C.-inspired city, then colored me excited for GTA for the first time ever. It would be PERFECT for GTA and would open up so many gameplay opportunities. Also, a hell of a story could be produced. You know how much stuff is in D.C. that would fit into a crime game? Incredible.

Letros2310d ago

Plenty of carjackings here in DC :-D It really is a great locale for a GTA game, multiple surrounding cities, bridges, monuments, etc.

Pintheshadows2310d ago

Cool. I love the DC idea. R* are great satirists so involving politics and the economic crisis would be in their comfort zone.

Scenarist2310d ago

ahh your here in dc...

Pikajew2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

I rather have a massive map(bigger than any other sandbox game map) than fancy graphics

Forbidden_Darkness2310d ago

Yes, but usually bigger maps just feel more empty, take Just Cause 2 for example or even Fuel (which holds the record I believe for the biggest map)... They may be huge, but they feel so empty. I would rather it be packed with tons of things to do, then have endless horizons of nothingness, though I do hope it has some country to it like GTASA

BlmThug2308d ago

Imagine a Map like JC2 and it was full of life like Gta IV.

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The story is too old to be commented.