Can the next-gen consoles blow us away like the Killzone 2 E3 2005 trailer did?

Do your still remember the Killzone 2 pre-rendered video that was showed at E3 2005? My jaw dropped the very first time I saw that video. To say it blew everything out of the water would be an understatement judging from the reaction it got from the media and everyone else who saw it. Now, that was barely 6 years ago and it looks like we are already heading for another generation of the console war.

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WetN00dle692309d ago

Ohh yeah for sure. Hell the graphics on the new consoles might even be able to render graphics that go BEYOND the KZ2 E3 2005 video!

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Septic2308d ago

The Killzone 2 E3 trailer was a complete utter p*ss-take. THAT wound me right up and showed a lot of disrespect to gamers I think by essentially fooling us by remaining tight lipped for so long as to whether it was actual in-game footage or not.

Whilst I kind of sussed out that it wasn't actual gameplay, there is no denying that Sony essentially lied to us by passing off a cut-scene as real footage. Spokesman spent ages pussy-footing around the issue of whether or not it was gameplay or not. All they had to do was say no but they didn't. That was a pathetic show.

They better not repeat the same thing (like they did with the PS1 too actually).

That's why I'm in no real rush for next-gen consoles to come out. The longer it takes, the greater the technological leap will be. I mean, if the current consoles can handle BF3, a title that is a demanding on current PCs (albeit in a scaled down form)then there is no real rush.

Squeeze the life out of this gen even more (I believe there is some juice left) and then jump into the next-gen.

Give us things such as:

* Next-gen physics- proper fluid animations, independant hair, as well as structural physics

* Bigger Scale

* Vastly improved AI

* Obviously improved visuals- photorealism (for some games) and proper HD gaming (1080p+)

Then you can really blow us away.

nondecaf2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

killzone looks alot better than that here is some multiplayer gameplay I can't put it on because the computer is acting iffy.

Kur02308d ago

Killzone 2 delivered on that trailer.

A-Glorious-Dawn2308d ago

I was actually extremely impressed with Killzone 2 and how it was actually like that trailer...

However I am no stranger to your feeling but It was a different game that did it for me.

Remember this one? I got the game and loved it. But it wasn't ^this^ awesome...

Septic2308d ago

"killzone looks alot better than that here is some multiplayer gameplay I can't put it on because the computer is acting iffy."

Are you kidding me? I'm sorry but you have to have contracted chlamydia in your eye to think that Killzone 2's actual visuals are BETTER than what was shown. Seriously- just watch the two again.

"Killzone 2 delivered on that trailer."

Yeah but it seriously mislead gamers about what the actual visuals were like.

@ A-glorious dawn-

I admit that the actual visuals were brilliant but that's not the point. The way they showed that trailer and passed it off as actual visuals was pathetic. THAT is how Sony begun this generation; with deceit and bald faced lie. THAT was the moment I lost a lot of respect for Sony.

RE: Motorstorm- Yes, I forgot about that. Look at that trailer and the way they use first person perspectives as well as third person perspectives to pass it off as actual gameplay.

I'm sorry but that's complete b*llocks and if people are okay with that sort of thing then it shows how fickle they are. Its the same as what Lionhead did with Milo and Kinect- same old B.S.

A-Glorious-Dawn2308d ago

Yeah its not justifiable,

Personally though I believe they have done enough as a company to earn my respect again.

Just so long as they don't do it again...

Anon19742308d ago

How can people say it's not justifiable, showing off the trailer like that - when they delivered and improved on that trailer's promise. Killzone 2 looked better than the E3 trailer shown off.

We're not talking about when Microsoft announced Halo 2 at E3 and it was nothing but smoke and mirrors. They put out a Killzone trailer based on what they knew they could do and then they made it a reality.

"We had researched the capabilities of the PlayStation 3 extensively. We knew what was possible, and that was the vision that was communicated to the team."

As for the next gen - the answer is no. I don't think the graphical leap between this gen and next gen is going to be that pronounced. PC's are reportedly 10 times more powerful then current gen consoles, yet we certainly don't see a 10 times improvement over games like Gears 3 or Uncharted 3, do we now? The bottleneck is the developers, their resources and the talent available to them. In the near future, you might have the power to make a game with Avatar like graphics, but who on earth could afford to?

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IrishAssa2308d ago

Probably not imo. BF3 still doesn't look as good as a CG trailer/ Consoles will not be far ahead tech wise than a 580GTX

Shikoro2308d ago

Dude, you have no idea. That's all I'm gonna say. :)

torchic2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )


I know BF3 is great but have you seen the CG cutscenes in FFXIII in full-HD? especially the "Welcome to Gran Pulse" cutscene? it will take many, many, many years before high-end PC's, let alone consoles, render such content real time. best piece of animation my eyes have ever seen BY FAR

video quality doesn't do this video any justice.

osamaq2308d ago

Maybe beyond and maybe the same,

solid warlord2308d ago

@WrtN00dle69 i doubt next gen will be able to render that in "Realtime" or pure gameplay o be short. Firstly, take alook at BF3 in PC and it looks fantastic on high end PC but dosent compare to that KZ2 trailer. Looks at the movement and real world physics on the killzone 2 trailer, it looks way more real. For example Epics samaritan demo which epic claims is the best real time graphics ever and only possible on next gen, is no way better looking than that killzone 2 trailer.

Dont expect anything like this or avatar graphics in REALTIME next gen..

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thebudgetgamer2309d ago

Next gen will be more about smothing out wrinkles than vastly improved graphics. Frame rates ect.

Shikoro2308d ago

No, it won't. It will absolutely be all about physically-based rendering. Why would you render your game in 60fps when you can render it in 30fps with additional details/better effects.

Wait and see. :)

Danlord2309d ago

I just hope they deliver on everything. the SAMARITAN video from EPIC GAMES looks hopeful though. :-)

Fishy Fingers2308d ago

If they do it on far more powerful hardware than the actual console (like KZ2 E3 2005) then yeah, it could blow us away....

Mind you, with crazy expectations, Samaritan tech temo or even maxed out PC BF3, it could be tricky, especially when they've struggled to turn a profit this gen, while "weaker" hardware (Wii) has been far FAR, more profitable.

pucpop2308d ago

Realistically... Next gen will probably still be nowhere near that tech demo from '05. The hardware will probably be close to the current 5xx series GPUs offered on todays market, with extra RAM. Hopefully the standard of console games will match the graphical fidelity of BF3 on Ultra setting from a PC. I will be interested to see what devs can do with next gen GPUs, it can only be good for everyone, console and PC gamers.

Bolts2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

The best gaming PC a year from now will still not be able to render a game like the Killzone 2 2005 trailer. It was pure BS and it set a lot of people up for disappointment regarding the PS3.

I agree that the best the nextgen can hope for at launch, is to match the PC's Witcher 2 and BF 3 on ultra.

maniactadpole2308d ago

Uhh, The Samaritan demo showed us that it is possible to render such graphics. In fact, the demo looked better than the infamous KZ2 trailer.

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