Top 5 Wishes For Grand Theft Auto 5

Gaming Blend "Earlier today Rockstar Games announced that Grand Theft Auto 5 is on the way. With no details currently known, this seems like a good opportunity to state our hopes for the upcoming sandbox game. "

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Wintersun6162455d ago

Bringing back the large and open areas as seen in San Andreas is the most important thing for me. I want to get out of the city again.

user8586212455d ago

1.) Checkpoints
2.) More variety in missions like in ballad for gay tony

Quagmire2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Gay Tony was the pinnacle of the entire GTA4 game. It was a perfect mixture of humour, craziness, and gritty realism

Sugreev20012455d ago

Make the game fun like 'The Ballad Of Gay Tony' and have the ability to replay your favorite missions once you finish with the storyline.A huge open world,preferably like Just Cause 2 (it's possible) would be awesome.Also,tons of great side missions like the ones in GTA IV.Mission variety should be similar to GTA:San Andreas,which is still unmatched in that area.

LightofDarkness2455d ago

No more lock-on targeting (it's archaic and takes much of the feel and challenge out of the gun-play), better car handling (more realistic, please), much greater variety of missions, allow us to have a little more fun in the sandbox (kill frenzies and airplanes, etc.) and more responsive controls. GTA IV is one of the laggiest games this gen as regards input, and I found it off-putting.


GTA4 had more realistic car handling or at least more real then previous or other open world games. The cars actually felt like they had real weight, under-steer etc.

LightofDarkness2455d ago

Yep, right track but not quite there.

cyguration2455d ago

I agree, but they needed MORE weight. I tipped over a few too many times in wide-axel vehicles that should have went into a spin-out instead of tipping over.

The center of mass is about right but the mass itself needed more weight.

I mention this especially for drifting purposes, since it wasn't really possible without modifying the handling.cfg :P

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