Why Uncharted 3′s 3D Eats Your Eyeballs (And Face)

Sorry, forgive the silly title (especially if you’re you know who) but there’s a serious matter beyond the ridiculous headline – Uncharted 3′s 3D is rather good, and, quite rightly, squares up nicely against our claims that the game itself is the best thing on PS3 right now.

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core_52340d ago

this game looks horrible in 3D, batman looks ten times better in 3D

king_noah92340d ago

who let this troll out? who? who? who?

core_52340d ago

This game has the same problems in 3D like all other Titles from Sony ... blurry Ghost lines and more .. take a look on Batman in 3D or the new Assassins Creed. This had awesome 3D effects.

Tired2340d ago

I use a dlp projector and active glasses, have never EVER had the image 'ghost'.

Since upgrading to 3D I've pretty much grabbed hold of everything Sony has released. All of which work fine.

I for one cant wait for Drake in 3D.

hyabusha2340d ago

My 82" 3DTV Is ready. ^_^

qwertyz2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

lol its not even proper 3d as that requires

1 framebuffer per eye
1 alpha buffer per eye
1 distinct frame rendered for each eye

UC3 like almost all console 3d games only performs the first 2 steps and ignores the last one as it would cut framerate in HALF and uc3 runs 30fps in 2d so if the last step is implemented the game would run 15fps in 3d which is unplayable. One more thing 3d demands alot of fillrate and both consoles only have 8 ancient ROPS while single high end gpus of 2005 have 16 that run at even higher clock rates than those in consoles. Even 2006 geforce 8 series gpu ROP architecture is FAR superior to those in consoles

This is why 3d on pc will always be superior as it is the REAL thing and not half baked like the console version this is possible on pc because they are easy to upgrade if the user isn't satisfied with the results it produces while consoles are fixed and technically flawed by 2005 dual gpu high end pc standards

uncharted 3 does look amazing for a console game though but ust about every AAA game thats been released on pc over the past 4 years looks better when maxed out with quite a number even making UC3 look worse than a ps2 game. I really can't wait to see what naughty dog will come up with next gen

Taz Yamauchi2340d ago

While you are busy counting your frames and pixels in you $2000 pc I'll be busy playing Uncharted 3 on my 42 inch LG Cinema 3D to care about that little speech you just gave