OXCGN’s DICE Interview: With Battlefield 3 “We’re creating a piece of art”


"Lars Gustavsson and Daniel Matros talked to us on their Aussie visit.

OXCGN recently had the pleasure of interviewing key members of DICE about their upcoming mega-blockbuster game Battlefield 3.

We caught up with Lars Gustavsson and Daniel Matros on the Gold Coast at the recent EB Expo.
Here’s what they had to say to us:"

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gaminoz2403d ago

“If you start looking at the competitors…you’ve already lost.”

I'm not sure they weren't looking at MW3...I think they were definitely glaring at each other!

BadCircuit2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

I'm worried that they say that multiplayer was always the focus.

Does that mean that single player suffers? Yes apparently according to some reviews...

I'm glad it is on consoles, even if it is better on PC.

REALgamer2403d ago

I think it would be more controversial is multiplayer was NOT the focus, since Battlefield has always been a multiplayer title.

From the early reviews, it looks like Battlefield 3 might have the best multiplayer (jeeps and tanks and planes, oh my!) and Modern Warfare 3 might have a better singleplayer, short as it inevitably will be.

Wish I could go to one of the midnight launched for BF3 tonight. Apparently some EB Games stores are doing nerf gun battles with prizes and LANs.

XboxOZ3602403d ago

This was an excellent interview at EB's Expo in Queensland. Some great discussion, which was supposed to last just 10 mins, but OXCGN had such a great time with him, we were given plenty of time to ask our questions.

Makes for some great reading actually, and it's an interesting point of view for future Battlefield games as well.

Belgavion2403d ago

Wonderful, in-depth discussion to read the day before the game hits!

BadCircuit2403d ago

So excited! What a hype machine this has been!

Eske2403d ago

Played a few rounds of it on PS3 tonight. Finally having access to vehicles makes a big difference.

Took a little while to shake off "CoD mode", but once I got some of the kinks worked out of my playstyle, I found it to be quite fun.