Could GTA V Be A Xbox 720, PS4 Launch Title?

Gaming Blend "Earlier today it was announced that Rockstar Games is working on GTA V. This follows on the heels of the recent GTA III anniversary. No details or release date was set in stone but it does make you question exactly which platforms it’ll be arriving on given a number of factors."

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slavish2455d ago

i hope that way pc player get the most out of their platform

shikamaroooo2454d ago

Mods is enough for pc gamers

BrutallyBlunt2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

There were rumours that this game could be on the Wii-U launch. Imagine that, Nintendo using GTA V to showcase their hardware while the Playstation 3 and XBOX360 get the inferior ports. That would surely boost Nintendo's profile with 3rd party publishers and give a great boost to their launch.

BlmThug2453d ago

Except if it was a next gen title then Wii U will have the s***y inferior port

MrBeatdown2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

"The only problem with a 2012 release for GTA V is that it would be following closely on the heels of Max Payne 3, and I doubt Rockstar would want two of their games releasing in the same year, especially if they have plans to milk MP3 with some DLC and specialty content."

Why does this same stupid logic keep coming up? Rockstar is a publisher. Publishers release multiple games per year all the time. 2K, which is owned by Take2, which also owns Rockstar, does it all the time. Rockstar aren't going to delay GTAV, which could very well be the biggest game in the company's history, just to milk Max Payne. They aren't going to delay Max Payne 3 either for a year either.

Just because Rockstar traditionally only has one release per year doesn't mean they'd avoid multiple releases in a year as if it was the plague. If the games are ready, they will be released. They aren't just going to shelve one of them for months, especially when Max Payne and GTA are very different games.

cyguration2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Yeah but Rockstar HAS done this in the past.

They usually release only one game a year. Why would they suddenly abandon this tactic to rush GTA V out? Unlike Activision they actually focus on doing things differently and adding as much content as possible.

I still can't get over why they removed the character customization in MW3. Stupid.

MrBeatdown2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

You're assuming they would be rushing to release GTAV. It's been three and a half years since GTA4 released. By the time it releases, it will have been in development longer than any previous GTA game. It doesn't look like they'd be rushing at all. The same can be said for Max Payne 3.

And you're assuming one release per year is a tactic, rather than just the way things play out. Rockstar has done multiple releases per year on multiple occassions...

2010 - Episodes from Liberty City (PS3) and RDR
2009 - Chinatown Wars and Beaterator for PSP
2008 - Midnight Club LA, GTA4, and Bully for 360
2005 - Midnight Club 3 and The Warriors
2004 - San Andreas and Red Dead Revolver
2003 - Midnight Club 2, Max Payne 2, and Manhunt
2002 - Vice City and State of Emergency
2001 - Max Payne and GTA3

Two games per year is nothing new for Rockstar. Hell, there have only been three years since GTA3 where they haven't released more than one game on at least one platform.

cyguration2455d ago

"And you're assuming one release per year is a tactic, rather than just the way things play out. Rockstar has done multiple releases per year on multiple occassions... "

I should have said they only do one big budget release a year for this gen. It wasn't like L.A. Noire and MP3 for consoles were releasing in the same year. And during the PS2 era they released a lot more games than they did during this era.

And no, GTA V would not have been in development longer than any previous GTA game because EFLC is still fairly recent (Lost and Damned would be to GTA IV what Vice City was to GTA III, and Gay Tony would be to Lost and Damned what San Andreas was to Vice City).

I'm also pretty certain that GTA V will be running on the same tech as GTA IV/TBOGT, but in the IGN interview they said they were only scratching the surface, so I don't see how after finishing TBOGT they could have completely made up a brand new city, ironed out all kinks, improved the graphics and tossed in a load of new content and have it ready for a 2012 release. Either that means GTA V will be gimped or they really didn't add as much as they put on.

MrBeatdown2455d ago

"It wasn't like L.A. Noire and MP3 for consoles were releasing in the same year. And during the PS2 era they released a lot more games than they did during this era."

What makes you think LA Noire and MP3 wouldn't have released in the same year if they were done? Again, you're assuming the one game per year thing is the intent, but both games were delayed so many times, who knows when they would have released.

If that article's anything to go by, both games could have released in 2010. You're telling me the one game per year thing is all part of the plan, but you don't know if the past few years' worth of releases were a deliberate effort on Rockstar's part, or merely the way things worked out.

And you're also assuming everyone at Rockstar North worked on the episodes. Both episodes were basically new missions and stories. What about the environment artists or level designers? I'm not a game development expert, but I don't see any reason why work couldn't have started on the engine and a new city for V while others worked on missions for the episodes. Hell, they released an entire game's worth of missions in those DLC packs in about a year and a half. They've already had two years since then to work on V, and at the very least, will get another seven to eight months. Seems like plenty of time to me.

But the bottom line really, is this... Rockstar isn't going to sit on GTAV or Max Payne, or any other game that they feel is ready to go out the door, just for the sake of releasing one game per year. If the market's ready for it, and there's money to be made, and in this case, it's a whole lot of money, it does Rockstar no good to hold off. Sure, if a game needs the extra dev time, it would likely get it, but the line I was refering to wasn't about the game being delayed due to quality concerns. If quality isn't a factor, they aren't going to arbitrarily delay what will likely be their biggest and most profitable game ever, just to sell some Max Payne DLC packs.

cyguration2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Well, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. I know this gen Rockstar delayed some games for stock purposes. But if one game a year is part of their plan or it's just the way things turned out is hard to tell...they don't really publicly discuss their business models like Activision or EA.

As for designing the DLC...well, I have no idea how long it really took them to make TBOGT but it seemed like they whizzed through TLAD since it was much shorter, had fewer areas to interact with and fewer gameplay mechanics.

TBOGT re-inserted dancing, a lot of delivery missions and included a lot more stuff and interactive buildings like in GTA: SA. Again, I have no idea how long it took them but TBOGT had more in its DLC pack then we get in most big-budget $60 games.

The thing that determines if GTA V will release next year or not is whether it takes place in a brand new city...if it does then there's no way it's a 2012 release. Especially if they modify the engine or build more on top of it (that in itself usually takes about a year, but like you mentioned they could have had a separate team working on that).

If it's a mixed city with a lot of assets borrowed from Liberty City (from standard GTA IV) then it's possible that the game could be released in 2012. But it seems like they could be going for bigger and better and given their recent history of massive delays, I wouldn't doubt if GTA V slipped into 2013.

Pintheshadows2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

I hate to be "that guy" but both of you make accurate points. We don't truly know if it's R* plan or just a coincide but what I wanted to add is that I believe R* developed both TLAD and Gay Tony directly after they finished 4 and as they went tweaked the euphoria engine. They are a big studio and I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they had sunk 2 and a half years into GTA 5 already albeit not with all hands on the pump due to projects like RDR.

Ocean2454d ago

Maybe the last AAA game for Rockstar for this gen of machines unless the PS3 exclusive they are working on is well into development

The Meerkat2454d ago

We'll know next Wednesday.
If the trailer is in game (which it will be).

VampiricDragon2454d ago

which would be lame

rockstar has become lazy enough as it is.........

Theyve basically released 2 games this gen on consoles

its ridiculous

MasterCornholio2454d ago

Just like Rocksteady how dare they take such a long time to develop a game. I mean it took three years to make Arkham City and look how it turned out.

An absolute masterpiece which is why I don't complain about dev cycles as long as the game is good.



to be fair,

they also released a midnight club this gen.

More importantly though, the dlc content for gta4 and red dead were just about full games in themselves. I mean I got more play time out of them then some full games I have purchased.

plus you can tell by R* attention to detail that a lot of time and effort went into those games.

I like R* taking their time, it makes it that much more special when they announce something.

look back at all the hate gta4 got, but as soon as they announce gta5, everyone is peeing their pants again.

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