Battlefield 3 VIP Kit includes custom Xbox 360 and Apple TV

EA once again shows their love for celebrities by giving away some exclusive swag celebrating the release of Battlefield 3.

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fluffydelusions2487d ago

People actually use Apple TV?

killerhog2487d ago

Nope, but they get payed to be seen with one, so sheeps then buy it and said company regains the money they spent on celebs.

killerhog2487d ago

This is all EA does, is focus to much on Hollywood. Everything they do needs to revolve around Hollywood. They forget to focus on the game and the GAMERS. They tried to bash other developers for doing this in E3 but look at them. Seriously they need to stop worrying about others and focus on themselves and their fans feedback.

Pikajew2487d ago

This pisses me off. They could have had a contest for this. But they give it to rich celebrities who can buy 10 more without worrying about money