Jaffe not interested in returning to God of War

Eurogamer: "God of War creator David Jaffe isn't interested in returning to the franchise unless he could reinvent the template he laid down in the PlayStation 2 original.

Jaffe, who's currently hard at work on Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3, explained in a blog post today that he now only wants to make titles that put gameplay ahead of story, a stance that might be at odds with the cinematic action that God of War has become famous for."

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DasBunker2460d ago

i wanna play another god of war game... GOWIII left a bitter sweet taste, IMO some stuff couldve been handled better.. but again since it seems like the series ended it would have to be a prequel... the guy who directed GOWII did a good job i hope he makes a comeback

lastdual2460d ago

GOW3 was difficult to judge, as it had both the highest high points and the lowest low points of the series.

The action really hit its peak early on, and the last third of the game felt a bit uninspired by comparison. I would have to agree that GOW2 was a more consistent game overall.

DasBunker2460d ago

i could've have been happy with a little more interaction with titans/gods, more backstory like in GOWII with the awesome cutscenes of the titan/gods earlier war...

and getting rid of the girl and the pandoras box thing for something new..

also all GOW games start with a level and a badass subboss.. GOWIII didnt.. it was straight into a god which made me feel it wasnt a big deal to kill a god..

also GOWII had more brutal finishers and enemy variety..

haha looks like i wanted a complete different game

ABizzel12460d ago

The problem I think GOW3 had, was it was all about getting revenge on Zeus, and you were already at mount Olympus, but they stretched the game out as long as they could.

This was a problem because they basically took what would have been a 2 - 4 hour game and made it a 6 - 10 hour game. They did a great job covering it, but my biggest grip was the ending. I sat there like "WTF just happened".

Pintheshadows2460d ago

I'd like to see Santa Monica tackle a new universe in the mould of GOW. Something equally violent but not necessarily based around mythology.

That or Heavenly Sword 2.

Jappy-k72460d ago

God of War was a lucky hit by him

Silly gameAr2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

No, I'm pretty sure it earned it's praise, and so did Jaffe.

aman84r2460d ago

GOW3 was awesome,especially sticking the blade up minotaur's throat was downright hilarious.The only thing that sucked was fight with zeus.

2460d ago