Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Attachment Dubbed "Circle Pad Pro" For The West?

Siliconera: "Nintendo announced a second circle pad add-on, which will debut in Japan alongside Monster Hunter 3G. Both will be available in stores on December 10. And it looks like the accessory will be called Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro in the West. Nintendo filed a trademark for Circle Pad Pro in Japan alongside one for "slide pad expansion" in Japanese."

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Optical_Matrix2488d ago

Ironically, there's nothing "pro" about it. Quite frankly, the things unsightly and won't be going anywhere near my 3DS.

-Alpha2488d ago

How many games support this right now?

No use in buying it if nobody supports it. I really wonder if we will see a 3DS with the circle pad "pro" by next year

MasterCornholio2488d ago

Nintendo in My opinion should have asked for dev feedback while designing the 3DS. The existence of this circle pad expansion is due to the demands of some developers. I believe that Nintendo will incorporate a circle pad in their next 3DS model because they don't want 3rd party games to suffer by not having it. Unless of course Nintendo doesn't care about 3rd party which is something I do not see happening.