PlayStation Store Update - October 25th, 2011

Hey everyone,
It’s the final week of celebrating Only On PSN with the release of 2 exclusive PSN titles: inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood and PixelJunk SideScroller! Don’t forget that this is also the last week that you can purchase these, or any other content from the Store to go towards the $60 threshold to receive $10 back in November.

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LackTrue4K2486d ago

DAM!!! this is a big update this week!!! im still waiting for battlefield patch to download. i forgot i had bot Infoumos 2 DLC, and there looks to be a lot of demos!!! I want to try out R3 demo.

SageHonor2486d ago

im playing infamous 2 dlc now! :D

XIIIWARRIOR412486d ago

Where the heck is SpaceMarine DLC?!?!

Myst2486d ago

It's an update it won't be on the store and it was up at 3~4 AM EST also.

Myst2486d ago

No problem. I was watching the forums explode with people looking for it lol.

Der_Kommandant2486d ago

Ace Combat Assault and Robbery DLC

Fil1012486d ago

any idea when dc online hits ???

ZombieAssassin2486d ago

Hasn't been announced yet but I'm sure something will be said over the next few days since it was suppose to launch before the end of the month...although I don't think it will anymore.

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