The Legacy of the Original Xbox

To some the Xbox is remembered as having a short life span, few rpgs, and no support in Japan. To gamers the Xbox should be remembered as popularizing online gaming for consoles, for mainstreaming FPS games onto consoles, and having great games like the Halo series, Fable, Forza, and KOTR I and II.

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topgeareasy2491d ago

what legacy it was a piece sh*t

NukaCola2491d ago

no it wasnt it was awesome. the 360 came out and MS killed it. but the best games of any Xbox title came from the orignal, not the 360

original Fable, Halo, Ninja Gaiden, KOTOR.

Gears isnt worth the loss of a great console.

Godmars2902491d ago

It introduced PC development mentality to console gaming.

Make of that what you will.

"no it wasnt it was awesome. the 360 came out and MS killed it."


That MS killed the Xbox1 shortly after releasing the 360 doesn't tell you something?! Likewise everything you list but - no wait, it is everything isn't it? - showed up on the PC and even the PS3.

SDF Repellent2491d ago

Yea this piece of sh!t was the first console to make online play relevance on consoles, the first to include a hard drive, have multiple gems like Halos, Fables, KOTOR, Forza, Ninja Gaiden.

256bit2490d ago make sound like ps2 has no gems at all.

GamersRulz2491d ago

Legacy ?! muahhahahhahhahaahaha

kube002491d ago

Let me guess you didnt read the article....

TheBlackMask2491d ago

Yeah they knew online gaming was the future AFTER the idea was first done by Sega with the Dreamcast, when it died off Microsoft picked up the pieces.

Basicaly if the Dreamcast did well and continued, SEGA would of been the ones to make online gaming big and I bet Microsoft would be the one to die off.

SDF Repellent2491d ago

"Basicaly if the Dreamcast did well and continued, SEGA would of been the ones to make online gaming big and I bet Microsoft would be the one to die off."

You really think Sega have the money or resources to pull it off even if the Dreamcast would have survive for a couple more years?

Speaking of dying, what have Sega been doing these past few years other than releasing old games on XBLA and mediocre Marvel Movie GAmes.

BrightFalls762491d ago

The fact is that regardless of your opinions on the original Xbox is that it was the foot in the door. Nobody could have guessed that after the domination of PS2 that Microsoft would be able to eventually put out a console that would outsell PS3 in North America and take about 50% marketshare world wide from Sony. That's huge in just a short time span. You may now disagree with facts.

ZBlacktt2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Maybe you should add more facts to your story. Credit is due to MS for major jumps in online in the gaming consoles. Because they already owned Windiws Internet Explore. So really they took their own product and put it in a gaming console. They were net ready from the start.

This outsell the PS3 comment is again. Not put out in a more clear manner. Guessing you are talking about the 360 at this point since you referenced the PS3. So one comes out in 2005 and launches the first ever worldwide console launch. All in the hopes to capture as much of the market as possible. Yet, knowing first hand they had issues with it ( as later come out in insider reports ). So yeah, they took a large percentage of the market. Took their money that is with a console that at one point reached a 50% fail rate. Which cost them billions with a B. Which any other company other then MS would have went bankrupt and folded after that.

Meanwhile the PS3 comes out a full year later in 2006. It is released in Japan, then America first. Then all of Europe would not see the PS3 console until 2007. So a very staggered launch as we can all see. So what are the total sells figures for each console to date? Want to go look that up and tell everyone the gap?

Btw, the PS2 had online and by domination. You mean being the all time best selling video game console in history. With the PS1 being the second all time best selling console in video gaming history.

And credit where due, but MS has nothing on Sony in the video game market. Heck the Xbox started out a DVD player and is still one to this day.

kingnick2488d ago

What does "Windiws Internet Explore" have to do with online gaming?

Internet Explorer is a web browser, Live is a unified online gaming system.

Your comment of "Heck the Xbox started out a DVD player and is still one to this day" just further enforces that you're a raving fanboi and not a true gamer who can appreciate games regardless of platform.

ZBlacktt2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

kingnick, MS a software gaint. MS Windows, the worlds most use tool with web browsing. MS is Internet.

Sony, a hardware gaint. Out source most all software applications.

I own a XBox 360 move. So please save the fanboy crap for this generations gamers. What I stated was a fact that you and I both know is true. So lets deal with it, ok. :D

TheDivine2490d ago

The xbox had some of the greatest games ever. It started the multiplayer gaming that is standard today. Halo changed console fps'. Morrowind showed people crpgs could work on consoles and opened the doors for computer devs and the smashing success of wrpgs this gen. Bioware made two of the greatest rpgs ever, jade empire and kotor and helped open the door for wrpgs. Fable was and still is one of the best rpgs ever made, started on xbox. It opened alot of doors for smaller developers with arcade games and changed gaming as we know it. The xbox was the shi*.

kingnick2488d ago

CRPGs had been done before and better, Morrowind introduced massive open world RPGs to the console scene.

The Bioware games were arguably better CRPGs.

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