Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Preview | vgZero

vgZero: 'On November 15, 2001 Microsoft launched the Xbox console and along side it the 'killer app' of the system. A particular game Microsoft hoped would define the system and would show what it has to offer. And it more than delivered. It received unanimous critical praise and was a huge success. 10 years later we can see the behemoth it created, a huge franchise surrounded around a fictional universe that now includes 6 games, numerous books and a possible movie adaption. It created Microsoft's leading brand for their home consoles with the franchise selling over 40 million copies combined grossing over $2 billion. It redefined a genre for home consoles and its impact on game design is undeniable. That game is of course Halo: Combat evolved and to celebrate the decade anniversary Microsoft are publishing a remake developed in conjunction with Saber Interactive, Certain Affinity as well as the recently formed Halo based studio 343 Industries. But 10 years on, what can you expect from the new release?'

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