8 Locations That Grand Theft Auto V Could Be Set In

GR - "We take a look at eight possible cities for the next Grand Theft Auto game to be set in."

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smurfz2404d ago

That would be awesomely intense! O_O

thorstein2404d ago

That would be nice, but I think they are staying in NA for the moment especially since the V font style is found on US currency. I think DC and Vegas are the top two most likely.

Pikajew2404d ago

Los Angeles
Las Vegas
Washington D.C.

The list

spankdaddi2404d ago

This article is stupid, Hollywood is in Los Angeles lol

MorningStar2404d ago

I think if its in LA they should get Jeremy Piven to do a spoof of Ari Gold would be so funny!

brettyd2404d ago

Its gonna be Los Angeles, and you can quote me.

LackTrue4K2404d ago

hell ya! there's all types of crazies here in Cali!!!

C_Menz2404d ago

Personally I would like to see them go to multiple areas. The whole unlocking sections is nice, but come on. They could easily squeeze 2,3, or even 4 large cities and have an airport function as a gateway between each city.

LondonMediaOS2404d ago

Would love to see that but they probably might do something ambitious like that two or three games down the road. There is always hope though; Rockstar is known for being ambitious.

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The story is too old to be commented.