Real Batman Arkham City Costume is Drool Worthy

From PSS:

Cosplay is a growing hobby. Costumes are becoming more and more intricate every year (just look at Blizzcon 2011) and people are spending more and more money on them in order to make them look better and better. However, FX Labs may have just come up with the coolest and most detailed one yet: Batman!

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Bolts2156d ago

Is that Michael Keaton in that costume? He's kinda short...

NovusTerminus2156d ago

HEY! They took the blades off the gauntlet.

kcuthbertson2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

No they didn't? they're on's just an obscure angle. Look at is right arm.

Edit: I looked at the pictures at the bottom too...they're definitely there.

JoeReno2156d ago

That is a well crafted Arkham suit and would look awesome on display in anyones batcave.

Jonah_Reese2156d ago

"Give me the Ice Cream Truck!" ~Christian Bale's Batman voice~

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