IGN: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games AU Review

IGN writes:

"The gameplay is lacking in the fun department, the controls are either overcomplicated or hugely repetitive, and the presentation is a mixed bag. On the upshot, there are a few mini-games that unlock Olympic trivia - wait. Is that an upshot? I don't like the Olympics, so not really. But you might, so ...maybe? The mini-games are really simplistic; just versions of whack-a-mole (with goombas replacing moles), versions of memory and counting games and a strange ball-sorting game. If you have a real penchant for inflicting pain on yourself, you can listen to the midi soundtrack too."

Score: 5.2

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V_Ben3955d ago

doesn't sound very positive for a 7.9...

MrSwede3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

I put the wrong score there, IGN's and not IGN AU, sorry!

Edit: Btw, observant of you to notice.

ChickeyCantor3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

its prove.....
*powerful pointing*
that all of these numbers are based on opinions.....

if you look at how the person gave individual scores for its category his 5.2 doesn't Add up. Non ever add up.

(out of 10 / not an average)"

because the average is a 6... so where is the 5.2 based on.

numbers in reviews are IRRELEVANT to anything.
if he isn't taking the average, then what is his number based on? exactly, nothing, that matters to anyone.... an opinion to be exact.
Therefor why should anyone care in the first place!!!