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Grand Theft Auto V Will Be Set in Los Angeles, May Star Multiple Characters

Strengthening long-standing rumors for years that the next Grand Theft Auto would be set in Los Angeles or a fictional version thereof, a source familiar with the game told Kotaku today that those rumors are true. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC)

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MultiConsoleGamer  +   1304d ago
They're re-using LA Noire assets.
Undeadwolfy  +   1304d ago
Interesting. I can see that happening, but any links/proof to suggest that?
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inveni0  +   1304d ago
LA Noire assets are based around a very specific time period. If GTA5 was reusing those assets, it would have to be based in the same time period... And I think that would be too obvious. Even though the dynamic and gameplay is different, people would still feel like it's the same game, or they'd at least feel a little cheated.

I don't think Rockstar would risk alienating such a large part of their audience... Unless, of course, they just get too cocky.
JhawkFootball06  +   1304d ago
I just hope the missions are varied. I remember playing GTAIII on the mission where there was a dead body in the trunk. Idk why but I thought that was the coolest thing and will never forget that mission. I loved the drug cartel missions in Vice City and buying your own houses/mansions, and I just thought the whole S.A. experience was amazingly fun. Heres hoping they pull it off!
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scotchmouth  +   1304d ago
I doubt they would cut corners so hard. They are a creative team.

What I am doubting is the LA speculation. Sounds like misdirection to me. Let's think back as to why they returned to Liberty for IV. They felt they didn't do it justice with GTA III.

Now if we had to choose to remake something Vice City would be a logical candidate. Wasn't it released in 2002? That makes it ten years old. Redoing Vice on Today's consoles would really do it some justice.

Then they can start preparing GTA VI for PS4 and 720 and put it in LA (if they would indeed see the need to redo it) that would put it probably at the 10 year mark or more from San Andreas.
jeseth  +   1304d ago
An aged Tommy Vercetti would be awesome!

On second thought, lets go back to the 80's and Vice City...add a create a character and have to take down Vercetti's empire!
Dee_91  +   1304d ago
LA = san andreas
Like how everyone calls liberty city newyork
I cant wait to see the trailer
I wonder if itl be like the old san an with mountkialmanjarooooo or how ever you spell it or completly new like liberty city.
I would rather see a new version but I woulldnt even be that upset if they used the old san andreas layout.
But who knows maybe its not gonna be called san andreas.
Rumors are its gonna be about corrupt bankers hence the money green V . That sounds like a modern day story so it might be present day.
Also cant wait for next midnight club
HardCover  +   1303d ago
Why WOULDN'T they reuse those assets? They're going to retexture them, obviously, but it's not like they're going to build everything from scratch when they have a great foundation in their files....
Dee_91  +   1303d ago
What "assets" in particular will they be reusing from LA Noire?
Last time i check main thing Rockstar did on LA Noire was music and voice directing type of stuff.

Thats a legit question btw
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M4I0N3  +   1304d ago
i bet this is definitely bound for the WiiU
user858621  +   1304d ago
wouldnt be surprised if this was a launch game for it, that being said I'd love to see how the game makes use of the touchscreen controller
slugboss  +   1304d ago
Bout time Nintendo get Grand Theft Auto on their home console, that or 3rd party support will be notoriously terrible as always... GTA IV as it is could benefit greatly from a new console or pc, so this is a given with GTA V.
Soldierone  +   1304d ago
Don't see how that is a bad thing and it seems quite obvious to me. There might even be a few "LA Noire East Eggs" to be found like older cars and what not.

proof? Every game franchise recycles certain assets and when you go and build friggin LA why would you not use some of it again for another game based in LA? It'd be stupid to build the entire thing from scratch all over again, its a waste of time and effort that could be spent elsewhere.
StraightPath  +   1304d ago
Hope we see Niko guest appearance that would be so coool :P
DasTier  +   1304d ago
Only if we get to kill him
sinclaircrown  +   1304d ago
I think LA will be great. Vegas would be cool also.
Jamzluminati  +   1304d ago
I want vice city. Fuck LA and LA Noire
Quagmire  +   1304d ago
Damn straight. 1980's Vice City was a helluva lot more fun to drive around than any modern day settings.
HardCover  +   1303d ago
Boo fucking hoo. Don't always get what you want, kid.
hassi94  +   1303d ago
Loved Vice City's setting more than anything - so fun to drive around in.
Saruman  +   1304d ago
I demand GTA: Mordor!
FunAndGun  +   1304d ago
I'm jackin' your carriage b1tch!
artynerd  +   1304d ago
One does not simply demand GTA: Mordor.
wildcat  +   1303d ago
Not with a thousand men could you demand that. This is folly!
showtimefolks  +   1304d ago
so this is GTA:SA ????
i want to find out more but RS knows what they are doing i just hope if they are doing GTA:SA again how about mixing GTA:VC along with that as a different city to drive to for a huge open world experience

I am kind of tired with LA setting 1st it was midnight club:LA than LA:N so we will see

can't wait till 1st trailer so all these rumors could be put to rest and i hope gameinformer covers GTA5 like they did with GTA4 for some inside info
jriquelme_paraguay  +   1303d ago
yeah... 1940 Assets? LOL
Prcko  +   1304d ago
that's nice looking city
I like it!!
Pikajew  +   1304d ago
I want it to be in Canada :)
SockeyBoy  +   1304d ago
I wanted Australia. :(
SilentNegotiator  +   1304d ago
I was hoping Stilwater.
Quagmire  +   1304d ago
I want in Iraq.
wildcat  +   1303d ago
I wanted Beijing.
lochdoun  +   1304d ago
San Andreas 2? Really?
Kinda soon to return to LA.

I really hoped they would think outside the box with this one and go with London, Boston or Toronto.

It won't top RDR, that's for sure.
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-Alpha  +   1304d ago
S.A was the best

They need to really change some of the mechanics of GTA though. For example, failing missions should be a possibility and branch out the story in different directions

I REALLY loved San Andreas and I really hope that they can make it FUN again. I really thought the location of GTA III and the huge removals of things built up in the S.A was a huge loss to the series.

I hope they have a gorgeous country/wooded area like in San Andreas
Getowned  +   1304d ago
"failing missions should be a possibility and branch out the story in different directions"

I have killed my self or gotten killed in stupid ways and re-doing the mission a second time helped me figure out what to do,or how to do it better.I like the idea but it's not right for GTA,but it was good in games like Heavy rain.

LA sounds fun to me SA was great,but I hope we see a GTA: Tokyo, I would really love to get into some Yakuza and bakuza ??(for get the name) action :P.

I wonder how big the map will be compared to GTA4 and will we get back all the cool things we could do in SA.
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-Alpha  +   1304d ago
Didn't True Crime have that?

I understand some missions are ones you'd fail at easily, but I think crucial moments should have a more dynamic outcome.

IMO some of GTA's mechanics are outdated for its series and I'd like to see some changes
Getowned  +   1304d ago
Well I never played true crime so I'm not sure.

I will agree though "GTA's mechanics are outdated" I hope this time when we drive cars it feels like a racing game after all vehicles are a big element of the game,and they drive poorly.Controls like Midnight Club LA would be really grate for GTA,and Midnight Club LA really dose feel like GTA with out the guns the only thing in Midnight Club I hated was the difficulty.The AI was horrible you could never shake them.To me that would be the best up date they could do other than working on 3ps mechanics.
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Pintheshadows  +   1304d ago
I look at it like this. GTA 4 had brilliantly realised city. RDR had detailed countryside. Why not smash the two together.

Does DC have some nice countryside around it? I've never been.
GoldenPheasant  +   1304d ago
Yes yes and yes to the country/wooded area like in SA. and be sure to include a giant mountain that I can go up with a tow truck towing a tow truck towing a tow truck and take it off the side of the mountain *remembers doing this in SA...tears*.
sinclaircrown  +   1304d ago
"It won't top RDR, that's for sure."

Do you have tonights lotto numbers by chance also?
HardCover  +   1303d ago
"It won't top RDR, that's for sure. "

Damn that's some heavy bias.
maniacmayhem  +   1304d ago
I was hoping for Moscow.

Or someplace in Iraq or Libya.

or Tokyo would have been bad a#$.
sinclaircrown  +   1304d ago
Getowned  +   1304d ago
Hell yes Tokyo!!!!!!!!! please!
ChiVoLok0  +   1304d ago
I kind of wanted it in Rio de Janeiro but i heard Max Payne will take place there.
Grendizer  +   1304d ago
lol iraq would of been fun.
sublIME2s  +   1304d ago
Bring back Niko and CJ and I will be happy! LOL
Angrymorgan  +   1304d ago
Yea maybe an older cj set today rather than the 90's, I wasn't to pleased they were re using an old setting at 1st, but thinking about it, it could be a good story
Snakefist30  +   1304d ago
blind-reaper  +   1303d ago
I read in an interview with Houser that they will not bring back any characters from the GTA 3 series (VC, SA, LCS, VCS) because GTA 3 is "different universe".
BlmThug  +   1304d ago
I was hoping vice city and then Los Santos/LA
CYBERSNAKE  +   1304d ago
I'd much rather prefer a sequel to 'Bully' than another GTA.
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SneeringImperialist  +   1304d ago
Same. also why are people disagreeing with this guys personal oppinion lol?
KaBaW  +   1304d ago
Even though you gots a ton of disagrees, I agree with you. I loved the first Bully.
And, there is so much that they could go about adding on to the game, or franchise.
blind-reaper  +   1303d ago
I would like a sequel of "Bully" but to say "I'd much rather prefer" it is saying too much.


YES we can disagree with other's people opinion.
CYBERSNAKE  +   1303d ago
I love the GTA franchise just as much as the next guy and I'll probably get this game, but I'd prefer that they would make the next GTA on next generation consoles. Bully is far more unique, there are a dozen GTA games and millions of clones but there is no game similiar to Bully. Hopefully they're working on both Bully and GTA V.
J5Feedback  +   1303d ago
I've had Bully as my Google background for like a year now. There's not a sequel I want more...

....but GTA V got me hype.
Aclay  +   1304d ago
If the next GTA is set in L.A., I'd place my bets of CJ making a return. San Andreas was set in a fictional California, and San Andreas was one of the highest selling GTA titles with CJ at the helm, so I think there's a pretty good chance of him making a return in some fashion if L.A. turns out be the location....I doubt he'd be the main character, but I could totally see him playing a Secondary role (like Lance Vance in Vice City)

I think it would be pretty cool if he returned as a secondary character that you collaborate with in the story...or maybe as an Antagonist that you're competing against. If CJ was to return in GTA5 with the L.A. setting, it would just be HUGE for the GTA series.

It feels good to finally get a GTA announcement after 3+ years though. Just hope it comes out in 2012 without any kind of infamous Rockstar delay.
saimcheeda  +   1304d ago
I doubt CJ will return
GTA V will start a new chronology, and instead of being called L.A the city will be San Andreas!
Shane Kim  +   1304d ago
San Andreas wasn't a city, it was the state with the cities los santos, san fierro and las venturas. And to be honest, I don't think we will see all those cities in one game again. It'll probably just be Los Santos.
lifesanrpg  +   1304d ago
I love when sites use "a source close to the game" but don't actually name the source or cite them.

I actually meant to tell you all...a source close to Rockstar told me personally that GTA V will feature an entire underground water level similar to Mario
DNAbro  +   1304d ago
they aren't supposed to reveal there sources or they can risk getting them fired. plus kotaku risks there credibility when they do it, so they have to be at least some what confident in it's validity.
KaBaW  +   1304d ago
Agreed. Don't tell lifesanrpg anything; he'll rat you out ina heartbeat! :P
scotchmouth  +   1304d ago
It's not unusual for a company like Rockstar to have it's employees sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.

Let's say we worked for R*. Would you risk your job to spill the beans on your project to some website?
solidt12  +   1304d ago
For $ some people will do anything. Not saying they payed them, just saying.
Ocean  +   1304d ago
Great news cannot wait..can we also have a sequel to Bully please Rockstar
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1304d ago
I would love to return to los santos. I really hope it's true.

Some other rumors said it may be GTA V with the V meaning Vice. We have to wait till trailer releases i guess.
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1304d ago
Maybe V stands for Vegas. Robbing a casino would be cool.
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1304d ago
Or Venturas. That's the name they use for vegas
Dan50  +   1304d ago
GTA 1 and London has multiple characters to choose from.
MorningStar  +   1304d ago
I think if its in LA they should get Jeremy Piven to do a spoof of Ari Gold would be so funny!
SAE  +   1304d ago
it could be more then one city , it's possable , xbox360 2 or 3 discs / ps3 blueray / pc.....

if they did that it would be sooooooo amazing especially if they made the gameplay fun just like san andreas with mods , cars from pc to console , online , amazing story { i loved iv story :P }
Ps3blaze22  +   1304d ago
i love rockstar
Eamon  +   1304d ago
I really hope it'll be set in London this time. But I know that's never gonna happen.
Xalaris  +   1304d ago
I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, Los Angeles is anything but small. I just hope we have to work to get there or something based on what San Andreas pulled with Las Venturas.
ATi_Elite  +   1304d ago
San Andreas 2.....YIPPIE!!!

can't wait to get back into the casinos!
Ricardoportillo04  +   1304d ago
i vote san andreas
GoldenPheasant  +   1304d ago
thats like an OG cat.

Shadowaste  +   1304d ago
it just better be a next gen game, after playing gtaiv with all the tasty graphical mods, there is zero way i can go back to that grungy, last gen looking game, even on pc, if the assests are not also made with next gen consoles in mind it won't even look nearly as good as gtaiv on pc with mods!!
boricua82  +   1304d ago
seriously Los Angeles,goddamn it can we go to another city in the USA besides NY or LA i mean we have 48 other damn states to choose from or other cities in the world like Tokyo or London or Paris.i just pray it doesn't suck like San Andreas.
Grendizer  +   1304d ago

and you get to play as Eminem
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gagaproject   1304d ago | Spam
BitbyDeath  +   1304d ago
I hope not LA has been overdone already.
KentBlake  +   1304d ago
If they include mid-mission checkpoints, I'll be glad, even if it's set in the bottom of the ocean.
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Shane Kim  +   1304d ago
Give me Vice City in the 80's again.
slave2Dcontroller  +   1304d ago
Yeah baby, the 2nd GTA based in my city. Welcome back to LA GTA!! B)
FlashXIII  +   1304d ago
Personally I'd rather have them use 80s Miami again.. Vice City was easily the best in the series. However, really I don't see why they feel the need to do LA again? Why not focus on a city outside of America.. How about London? Or maybe even Tokyo? I'd like to see a more cultured game.
Snowii  +   1304d ago
they should make it in los santos :D
Hayabusa 117  +   1304d ago
All lies. Firstly they're not going to reuse LA Noire Assets because that would lazy on their part (and Rockstar aren't lazy) And secondly, every GTA from GTA 3 onwards has been set in fictional cities, I don't think they're gona change that now. It's easier to design gameplay around a city that's fictional then having to conform to a real location. And what's so amazing about LA that we want to play it anyway? Certainly they might base it on LA the same way Vice City was based on Miami in the 80s and Liberty is based on New York: in that sense, Los Santos was based on LA, and I think it makes alot of sense to return back to San Andreas or a neighbouring city. It just doesn't make sense why they would re-create a real city for GTA V. It makes sense to base it on LA, sure, but not to re-create it.
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