145 Ways the Wii U Can Enhance Modern Gaming

If you're having a hard time dreaming up the ways the Wii U can enhance gaming, this article was written for you. Read through a whopping 145 ways the Wii U's innovative controller can change the look of gaming's hottest franchises, from both Nintendo and third-parties.

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Pikajew2339d ago

146: It will be awesome

Menashe2339d ago

I thought that was already included in the first 145, lol.

StraightPath2339d ago

If developers use it right we can see some genuis gameplay mechanics.

user8586212339d ago

Cant wait for the WiiU and the insane possibilities the controller will bring

Nintendo without you gaming would be dead

Godmars2902339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Which is why Sony took the crown from them at one point?

Actually, they took Sony not only took to crown but did so at such a level they were blamed for the death of Sega as a console maker.

What if Nintendo wasn't utilizing it as nothing more than a gimmick - you could use more than older Wii controllers with it.

AWBrawler2338d ago

but Nintendo was still around and they still were innovating.
Look at games like Odama which used microphone support, FFCC which used GBA as you controller so 4 players could have their own inventory and not clutter the screen, same with Zelda Four Swords.

And who can deny that some of the most innovative ideas that gen was robbed from Nintendo? Even the Okami creator admitted that Seeing Wolf link inspired okami.

Win lose or Draw, Nintendo affects the gaming world more than you think.

Now you even see remote play with Vita, touchscreen on vita, mic built in to Vita, Nintendo made that stuff famous. Can the hate.

Khordchange2339d ago

Just imagine how many more ways they could include if it has multiple controllers. I really hope it does

etownthree2339d ago

Day one buy for me.

Can't wait to play Aliens:colonial marines using this controller.

With the WiiU being released next year, now I don't mind if the next Xbox doesn't come out till 2013-14

ThePsychoGamer2339d ago

I can't see the WiiU being a success unless Nintendo can get caught up with modern day gaming. Doing with some of there horribly outdated practices like region locking or not licensing titles they have no intention to bring to other regions.

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The story is too old to be commented.