30 more things you didn't know about ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and their creators

As promised many weeks ago, Team ICO Gamers have put together 30 more things which you may or may not know about Fumito Ueda and his games - ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

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Lord Cheese3957d ago

anyone know what their next game is rumoured to be? I didnt managed to play ico or SOTC on my ps2, but given everything i've heard their next game should be awesome!

shysun3957d ago

Play SOTC @least, I loved Ico too but SOTC was awesome.

KidMakeshift3956d ago

One of the two next-gen games is called "Last Canyon" (supposedly).
I keep hearing about a remake for Ico

dhammalama3956d ago

I haven't played ico, I should, but I haven't yet. However, I have played Shadow of the colossus. Do you have a ps2 or anything but a 40g ps3? If you do Pick up this game!!

mighty_douche3957d ago

is there a ps3 version in the works??

alexrowetos3957d ago

Much of the stuff we know about the next game:


Basically all we know is that it will be for the PS3 and probably set in the same world as the first two games.

mazirjones3957d ago

i heard rumors of something coming to the psp as well
no problem with that

BigKev453956d ago

Who cares about this game, it was out of date and boring for the PS 2 when it came out

Danja3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

umm dude you just made urself look like a total "Real Gamer"..would admit that those were two of the best games ever created for the PS2 ..

maybe you should play them before passing judgements they're prety cheap these days

dhammalama3956d ago

What are you talking about!?

propheta3956d ago

So, in your opinion, what is a good game, advanced for its time?

gololo3956d ago

what the hell is this guy on??? Ico and SOTC are two of the best games ive ever played

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