When a Mostly Positive Review Becomes "Controversial"

What do you want from a video game review? Enlightenment? Purchase justification? Quotes to lob at people in your favorite message board? A link that could shoot you to the top on Reddit?

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Hufandpuf2489d ago

It seems as though when games get high score, people want to get all jumpy and biased , especially reviewers. The games this fall are great, so don't get to full of yourselves journalists.

Dante1122489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Some people were pretty mad about Greg for giving UC3 a 10 at neogaf. Some were mad at Eurogamer. But the stuff they said about Greg was pretty messed up, even bought up his marriage that didn't work out. I'll try to find the page to show you all.

Edit: Found it. Crazy!!!

trouble_bubble2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Funny how the gaffers don't see the irony in what they're doing to Miller's review.

Well, it would be funny if it wasn't so sexually charged nerd sad.

MaxXAttaxX2489d ago

That's how the Eurogamer review felt, lol.

He's done it for other major titles like Gears 3 as well.

ApplEaglElephant2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Eurogamer did give them the lowest score which was 8/10.

i do think they were bit harsh though, but w/e. I dont think they are biased. They are usually bit harsh on popular games and more lenient on less popular games.

maybe it is for publicity. personal tastes. who knows.

inveni02488d ago

I was a little disappointed with BOTH the IGN and Eurogamer reviews. I am happy Greg gave UC3 a 10 because he and I like all of the same things about Uncharted 3. So if he thinks it's perfect, I likely will, too. But what disappointed me is that he didn't complain about anything. That's fine, I guess, if there's nothing to complain about. But it feels kinda like he gave it a 10 just because he loves the series so much...and that's not really fair.

With Eurogamer, I feel like they took points away just because they like games that aren't so linear. I don't think that's fair, either, because there's not a game in the world that's as polished as what ND delivers, and it's sad to see someone not appreciate that just because they like their 3rd person action games with crumbier stories, bulkier protagonists and spacier themes.

Neither review has swayed me, though. Every Uncharted game has been a day one buy for me since I played the Uncharted 1 demo the day it hit the PS Store.

A-Glorious-Dawn2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

THIS perfectly illustrates the moronic behaviors of some fanboys. As bad as the controversy against Eurogamers review was there is always another side to every coin, while Gregs review was nothing but- and many would tout this during the Eurogamer fiasco- Opinion there are equally hateful comments criticizing him for giving the game a perfect score, sometimes there are really no ways in which a reviewer can win....

What they say on neogaf makes me ashamed to call myself a gamer, and it should to anyone reading this. Equally bad are the comments against Eurogamers review although I have illustrated in another comment how the wording of a review can gain more hate than the content, this however, in no way justifies the torrent of abuse that follows.

The core though is this everlasting, ever prevalent console war which invades peoples opinions and tarnishes peoples minds. Reviews are a good way to gain an insight into how derived from reality some can be, ever hoping for their line of products to be classified as the be all end all of gaming.. This desire goes so deep that they themselves feel anger when a part of that line is criticized as being inferior even when factually proven so.

This is not one set of fans I'm talking about, they are everywhere and are a blemish to the industry. Sometimes it is so bad that one can not give a personal opinion for fear of being labeled a fanboy.... THIS is why we have a problem with game reviews and gaming journalism... Some criticize the way the review is conducted when the true issue is the psychology surrounding gaming in general. Although as I said in another thread, Sometimes a Reviewer can stir up heat unnecessarily, given what I just talked about the effect is multiplied and the everlasting console war gains new heat to the flame....

Here's a funny fact, in my time among various communities I have been labeled 'ps3fanboy' 'xbot' and 'PCfantard' no joke, so which one am I?

I say to some, If the developers of your favorite games heard some of he drivel you come out with, They would probably turn around and slap you straight....

SilentNegotiator2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Let's be honest here; the Eurogamer reviewer isn't controversial because it's "only an 8", it's because Eurogamer has a long history of under-scoring ps3 exclusives. How can you blame people for glaring at the only convicted murderer in the room when a dead body is found?

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gman_moose2488d ago

Just wish reviewers would apply their criticisms to all games fairly. That's not a lot to ask. Can Eurogamer say with a straight face that Infinity Ward made their MW2 more "game" than "movie"? Yet it scored a 9/10. If this particular element is THAT important to Eurogamer, why did it not apply to MW2?

The article writer at Giantbomb mentions "confirmation bias" in that we as consumers are looking for confirmation to our beliefs in these reviews. We believe UC3 to be a perfect game, so we want reviews to confirm it, not tell us otherwise. Maybe this is true for some gamers.

I look at the term "confirmation bias" and sometimes I think reviewers apply it in reverse. UC3 has been so hyped for so long, and has received nothing but positive press and praise across the gaming industry, that I wonder if some reviewers have a bias against it before they pop it into their PS3. Maybe Simon Parkin said to himself before he started playing... this better blow me away- then he was disappointed that the game was great, not perfect. Having too many cinematic moments is a legitimate critique. I'm not denying that. But enough to knock off 2 points or 20% of the score? If so, They've been overscoring games for years, including UC1 and UC2.

Consistency. Something reviewers have a really REALLY hard time with. And I believe it was why the gamer made the analogy between sports officials and reviewers. Anyone who's watched any amount of hockey knows the frustration of the ref calling your team for a trip, but letting the other team get away with the same thing 10 minutes later.

Bring on the disagrees. Have a nice day.

HenryFord2488d ago

You make incredibly good points, I have to agree on all of them.
Though - I can understand where the reviewers are coming from, although it shouldn't happen when they call themselves professional. With all the advertising and hyping around major game releases you just cannot stop yourself from judging games before you played them, heck even before you really seen them. I myself would make those mistakes - I don't like Uncharted, but I do not even own a PS3, I didn't play one single game from the series - I didn't even watch gameplay-videos or anything that would give me an impression how the games played. My dislike is based solely on the hypes and aggressive advertisement, the fanboys do the rest probably. I can't really explain why I dislike them so much, it's just buried somewhere in my head.
But to be fair - I'm not writing reviews...

MultiConsoleGamer2489d ago

The fanboy backlash to this review is disgusting. Of course its all coming from NeoGAF, and the sensible gamers on every other site don't really give a shit.

GiantBomb is one of the sites favored by NeoGAF. So now were getting articles focusing on NeoGAF related drama.

Dante1122489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

I guess so, the author here basically said Eurogamer's review was well written, but since it focused on nothing but one negative throughtout and even Uncharted whole series at one point ("Cinematic experiences doesn't make a game good" as well as his movie theory), most people thought it was a troll article.

Edit: I think when people started using scores as evidence to say that "their game is better than your game" at the beginning of this gen, it kinda lead to situations like this. People now feel like if their fav games doesn't score well, that it'll surely get blasted as a failure or a terrible game when it isn't (Does happen though). I really don't think people gave a **** about reviews back then like today. Some of the cult classic games scored bad but was well received by gamers in the past.

-Alpha2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Eurogamer's review was so much better written than IGN's. The great hypocrisy is that fanboys ran to see the score and then praised IGN of all review sites as a credible source for UC3's perfection. Eurogamer is a fanboy, but IGN's Greg Miller is somehow a credible source. Not saying Miller's review is incorrect, but just that people only trash a review if it doesn't tell them what they want to hear.

Eurogamer's reviewer brought up a perfectly reasonable critique: he felt that UC3 would take away too much control--control is fundamentally what a game is about. Even Jaffe defended Eurogamer's review. Not everybody agrees about the criticism and not everybody values it as heavily, but it was a perfectly reasonable point he brought up.

If the reviewer felt it was a necessary criticism, then more power to him. I think it's pretty telling how insecure and close minded fanboys are when they have to trash a review just because they don't agree with it.

If a review points to minor criticisms: they are nitpicking
If a review finds a big fault: they are bashing

Some people wanted to see everybody submit to Uncharted 3's "perfect" hype and don't want to hear anything less. Reviews are bragging rights, people want to see that shiny 10/10 and shove it down everybody's throat as law. And if it doesn't work out, then they'll tell you reviews are meaningless and biased anyway.

Unicron2489d ago

Well said Alpha. Methinks its time for review scores to go, as I've been saying for years. They've become so perverted in their use and meaning, they have become pointless.

-Alpha2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Yeah, maybe you are right, but it's sad because the only people who gave review scores so much weight are the people themselves.

People need to learn to read reviews and question validity based on that reviewer's reasoning alone. But instead this generation has turned review scores into war of the numbers. They will use review scores and dispose of them as they see fit.

I have no doubt that some reviews will definitely have biases and some will definitely fail to have both valid criticisms and valid praises. But all I see this gen is people inconsistently attacking reviews if the game they are looking out for doesn't get what they want.

People don't want to dissect meaning and constructive criticism unless the number they see is too low in which case they'll look for a way to discredit the review

MaxXAttaxX2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

It's like people are not allowed to voice what they like or dislike around here unless they're complete neutral tighta**es.

[on topic]
I've read it and all(most) of the negative points brought up were vague and overblown.

What exactly does "taking away too much control" mean? To do what? Free roam? There's not point.
It could work if the game took place in one big map. But it doesn't. The game takes the character through different places, following the story with great pacing. It's not a mission based game. It just wouldn't make sense for a game like Uncharted.
It manages to do it better than the first two games, yet it's a bad thing?

The player has plenty of control over the character. Things like stealth and melee have improved, giving the player more ways than one to take on enemies.

That and his comments about how "cinematic experiences don't make a good game".
Is that a fair/unbiased statement?
The very element that put the games on the map.
What's next? "Great design don't make good graphics"? "Great voice acting, cinematography and script don't make a good story"? Come on!

I don't understand why some people/journalists act as if they've never played a linear game before.

He's criticizing the very reasons why people actually enjoy these games and focusing on what the game doesn't do to his liking instead of what the game actually does.
That' why people see it as a troll review. It's certainly gotten a lot of attention, which I assume is what the reviewer/website wanted.

What he wrote was the long version of the typical Uncharted hater: "I don't want to play a movie" and "it's linear".
He could have just said "I don't like the game and I don't like how people like the things about it that I don't. It's getting too popular". LOL

Nac2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

The true irony is that we still view something like Uncharted or Heavy Rain as being a "game." As in, this is supposed to be "fun" or a digital toy as opposed to an interactive narrative or social commentary. Please, we are passed the days were the plumber jumping on heads is the standard and norm. A medium is only as deep and sophisticated as people want it to be, and I want something that impacts me as much as the works of Faulkner or the films of Spielberg.

gman_moose2488d ago

@ -Alpha

"Eurogamer's review was so much better written than IGN's"

You're right, it is. The production value of the review would probbaly rival the game he's reviewing. What irony. From where I stand, the review was nothing more than complaints about things that have been present in the series since the beginning. If he's just decided he doesn't like these things after 3 installments in the series, sounds like a matter of "it's not you, it's me" syndrome. In which case, perhaps he's not the best person to be reviewing it.

Legion2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

@nathanexplosion "What exactly does "taking away too much control" mean? To do what? Free roam? There's not point." an extreme example would be Dragon's Lair. When you are basically watching a movie or events and asked to do some quick time button pressing to forward you through the game.

Not sure what it is that he was referring to as I haven't played UC3 and have only seen a few cinematics to go by... but he obviously felt the game was more cinema then game? Which has been a trend lately of many of the so called big games. MGS4, UC3, Heavy Rain, LA Noire, etc.

The question is at what point does a personal opinion go beyond a personal opinion and become an outright lie or gross exaggeration of a games faults or credits? When do fanboys get too big for their britches and start complaining because they aren't getting the review they want? When are journalists becoming media whores by faulting a game for the sake of drawing attention to their publication/webpage?

Where does this review fall in line? Well I guess you would have to play the game and judge it on your own merits.

As for 8/10... that is far from being a fail review so not seeing it as media whoring. As for the comments against the review... I would just have to point out the one comment in this article... "It’s completely, totally, 100% okay to disagree, just make sure you’re aware of what it is you’re disagreeing with.".

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disturbing_flame2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

I remember when Cliffy B was saying Gears 3 didn't deserve an 8 from eurogamer but more, according to the work they put into the game. The review is by nature controversial because it can say to a group of people or a man or woman that the effort he put in a game are meaningless; the judgement can be just too much focused on a budy experience with the thing he is reviewing , the problem here is to understand that it's part of the game to let people have the right to do that, to speak about others work.

With time players may have understood why eurogamer gave an 8 to gears 3; if it's not the case they maybe will stop according importance to the webzine or just believe that it happens sometimes when people disagreing on things.

Now what's embarassing is that mostly of the players who havn't play Uncharted 3 are judging reviews. Let take time to play and enjoy the game and let talk after.
If some webzines want exposition by giving so called low scores it's their right, when it becomes a problem is when one system would systematically have low scores for no apparent reasons, because of the trend the console war have drained with the hatred between communities. That would be the biggest problem.

Hufandpuf2489d ago

The sad thing is that today, reviews make or break the devs hard work. It isnt easy to make a game, and to just have a review that just spits in the face of developers, it's not a pleasant feeling. Especially when a lot of the salary is based on the reviews. It's sad but true.

Legion2488d ago

Except the review in question here is far from a spit in the face. And it is the Fanboys that make it a spit in the face by complaining about it and thus effecting the situation more negatively.

When Fanboys stop complaining about numbers that are far from spit in the face material and start looking at a game for what it does for them, then the review becomes less of a measure of sales merit and becomes simply a review again.

ChiVoLok02489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Reviews are just supposed to be people's opinions. In my opinion Ocarina of time didn't deserve a 10/10 but that's just one opinion from one person.

Edit: I picked Ocarina of Time just as an example, not to make it look bad or anything of that nature.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2488d ago

Eurogamer Italy gave it a 10, if that makes any difference.

NeverLetGo2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Isn't every review nowadays controversial in some way?

"The score for this game is too low."
"This game's score is too high."

Every reviewer is paid-off, a console fanboy, or biased against a console in the eyes of people of the Internet. We never just sit back and think, "Maybe the reviewer really did love this game?"

No, we can't accept that, can we? Because that would mean someone has an opinion that is different than ours which makes, Greg Miller for example, an idiot that doesn't know how to do his job correctly.

People need to stop relying so much on what everyone else has to say and form their own opinions and stick by them.

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