GamePro - The Cursed Crusade Review (PS3/360)

Steve Haske writes: Medieval combat is pretty damn scary.

Maybe that's just the residual effects of my having recently endured 50-plus grueling hours in the bleak world of a certain notoriously unforgiving RPG talking. It could also be the idea that, when armed only with a stabbing or bludgeoning instrument, one grave mistake at striking distance and there may suddenly be a four-foot longsword lodged in your gut. Either way, the up close and personal approach to melee in the culturally historical context we're familiar with is a pretty unnerving concept.

It's too bad that none of that fear or adrenaline really translates over in The Cursed Crusade, a hack-and-slash title that, in spite of its setting and gameplay, frankly has all the enthusiasm and excitement of a dry, centuries-old religious text.

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