Uncharted 3 -- TheGuardian Review gave Uncharted 3 a perfect score 5/5. Check the link below.

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NukaCola2374d ago

UK isn't Sony's top EU domain, so seeing it get good reviews is pretty darn cool. Game is so close I can smell Elena's perfume.

Gamer30002374d ago

"I can smell Elena's perfume. "
drake will hunt you down for saying that

ElDorado2374d ago

This will be on metacritic right?

Jobesy2374d ago

Already is, game is at 94 right now.

CynicalVision2374d ago

It could still pass Uncharted 2, that's sitting on Meta at 96 with 105 reviews, U3 still only has 48 reviews.

TheCommander2374d ago

Just a warning, there are story spoilers in the review.

ablecain2374d ago

Is it that difficult to write a review without spoiling anything? Seriously, some of these game reviewers these days are absolute idiots. Nobody wants to read a review so they can know about specific segments or plot points before getting their hands on the game.

Pintheshadows2374d ago

It's a paper read by sushi eating, upper middle class liberals. They don't know their arse from their elbow in general.

RufustheKing2374d ago

yay i got to the first one and stopped reading the review. Why got people have reviews without spoilers?